The Rickshaw Run G & Tea

It has been the biggest conundrum to face explorers since Scott said; North Pole or South Pole? Quite possibly a quandary as old as adventuring itself. I am of course speaking of the timeless “Tea or Gin”? debate. Well, we at Adventurists HQ like to have our finely crafted Battenberg cake, and we like to eat our finely crafted Battenberg cake.


Picture the scene; You are in your map room planning the best route over the Himalayas and need a spot of liquid inspiration, or perhaps you’re stuck in a monsoon trying not to despair as the rising waters reach your chest, or better still you’ve just completed your latest expedition dusty, tired and somewhat parched after losing an arm wrestle a tiger. What you need is a drink worthy of the occasion, and the drink is the Rickshaw Run G & Tea.


  • Darjeeling teabag
  • Generous measure of Hendrick’s Gin
  • Equal measure of Indian tonic water
  • Rosewater
  • Crushed ice
  • Rose petals


Steep the teabag in the gin for one hour then discard. Pour the gin into your favourite teacup, fill the cup with crushed ice. Add a good few drops of rosewater, and top up with just enough tonic to ward off the mosquitos, stir gently then round off with a couple of rose petals. Kick your shoes off and have your manservant fetch your favourite pipe.

And there you have it; the drink that packs more punch than one of Churchill’s one liners, more sophistication than David Niven in a smoking jacket, tastier than Diana Dors in a ball gown and as much fun as the Rickshaw Run itself. The cocktail you can drink anytime, day or night, suitable for motivating, celebrating and commiserating.

Written by Mr. Joolz
Department of Libations, Ginformation and Mixologification