Stiffly worded letter to Lord Sebastian Coe & LOGOC

The Adventurists often find themselves frustrated by the goings-on of the modern world. The infernal sanitisation of our very existence. Health and safety rules gone mad. The outright ban on monkey butlers. The list is longer then my Great Aunt's wispy beard hair - bless her. The most infuriating of them all however is this modern form of communication 'electronic mail'. In our minds there is nothing like a bloody good letter to capture the attention of the receiver by their cornea and not let go 'til their gaze plops off the end of the page.

And so, today sees the official formation of The Adventurists Stiffly Worded Letter Department. A department to hound the wrongs of this world - the wrong-doers, the unadventurous, the beard bashers and moustache moaners, to those who say nay to foolishness and doubters of the Cook's and Scott's. Letter by letter, typewriter click by typewriter click - we shall stiffly word our way to the desks of the mighty and convert them all to Adventurism, each and every one.


Begin Stiffly Worded Letter No. 1 concocted by a certain Mr. Joolz:

The above letter was sent to Lord Coe on Wednesday 12th October 2011. We eagerly await a response and shall keep you posted. In the mean time, to share this with your chums we suggest you print out the above communication and mail it, First Class, to them all. However, in this exceptional case if you wish to use the interweb for such sharing we enlisted the help of our Techno-Wizardry Department and they created the following small link:

To what wrong should the Stiffly Worded Letter Department next be steered towards? Do let us know in the comments below - the individual, institution, group, gaggle, business, ballache - what ever you deem appropriate, or inappropriate for that matter.

Yours adventurously,

The Adventurists Stiffly Worded Letter Department - coming to a door mat near you.