Oha Beach Party

A Mongol Rally tradition which has emerged in recent years is the Romanian beach party. The concept was born in 2011 when Team Paramongols thought they'd show off the hospitality of the Black Sea coastline by throwing a party in Vama Veche and inviting all the Ralliers. In 2012 the party was thrown again this time by the lovely ladies from the Fire Faries, by which time the party was the stuff of legend. Many teams fell under the spell of the laid-back sea-side town which is so alluring it seems to have its own gravity. There must be something in the water there because Vama Veche almost certainly inpired two of the best Mongol Rally tattoos we've seen.

The party for 2013 was set to be the biggest yet. Moved to the brand spanking new bar of Oha Beach festivities started on Thursday and didn't stop until late on Sunday. Gallons of beer were drunk, bad dancing was displayed and inevitable nudity was almost justified by night swimming. These are the clean highlights.

All photos © by Doru Oprisan. You can see more of Doru's great photos on his website. You can catch the full set of these images on the Oha Beach Facebook pages