Mongol Rally tattoos

The Mongol Rally has a considerable long term affect on most people, some of us carry the odd little scar here or there too. There are others amongst us who carry scars of a different nature, self inflicted reminders of the Rally which are a little more recognisable - well for the most part anyway. Of course we're talking Tattoos. Here are some of our favourites.

Bjorn has customised a prexisting tattoo to save on ink. Wise move Bjorn

Bjorn Jarisch did the Mongol Rally in 2010 in the team Lost Puppies he had such a good time he got a permanent reminder of the Rally and cleverly saved on ink by adapting an existing tattoo (left). The tattoo obviously did its job of reminding him of the Rally as he came back in 2012 to do the Rally again, this time by motorcycle as A Baatar Tomorrow.

Emma Lee from 2010 team

This perky posterior (right) belongs to Emma Lee. Emma did the Rally in 2010 on her own as team Babylonians she chose the cheeky Adventurist head to adorn her derrier. 

Mark and Henry from The Buglers (below) were another group of 2010 Ralliers who decided to get inked up before they even left the UK, their choice of image was their rather fetching team logo. They've also got some rousing Latin mottos. Mark's appears to say " I keep hunting, keep fighting" Henry's enigmatically states "I go to bed or go Edemame".

This rather sterling example of inkmanship is I think you'll agree one of the best ways to decorate your back possible

2010 seems to be a vintage year for Mongol Rally tatts; this striking example (left) is courtesy of Matt Gault from By Jimny, Matt had this work done before the Rally in anticipation of the greatness which was to follow. Despite having such a large bit of inkwork as a talisman Matt didn't complete the Rally but has vowed that one day he will finish it. 


What this lacks in execution, it more than makes up form in size and placement. Wear it big, wear it proud

Next we've got something a bit special for you (right). The owner of this 2011 tattoo had the logo copied from the graphic on a Buff, sadly the image was quite small and the tattooist couldn't quite render it to look as it should. Strangely enough we've not had much luck tracking down the owner of this bad-boy

2011 does seem to be where it all starts to get a bit odd, firstly (below) we've got a young chap named Felix from team Shitting Thunder who has chosen to ink his bottom with the face of another Rallier, the Rallier in question was Rallier Griff Peterson from 2 Big 2 Fail, a colourful chap who has an unhealthy obsession with a stuffed toy hat. Here he is astride a golden bullock. Nope, we've got no idea why either.

Felix from 2011's Shitting Thunder bizarrely will remember the Mongol Rally for having another man's face tattooed on his bottom.

On the finish line of the 2011 Rally we had a horde of Ralliers march down to a tattooist in Ulaanbaatar  to get "Mongol Rally" scribed on themselves in classic Hudam script (below); it is very likely they were led by Sean and Andy from team Mechspesh who drove the first Robin Reliant to Mongolia. You can catch the write up here.

Here is a video of Sean getting inked up.

In 2012 we had a few chaps and lady chaps with some subtle tasteful tattoos, like Amy and Zane (below, images one and two) from Lemur Attack Force who go into the Rally spirit back in New Zealand when they had some Cyrillic wordage scrawled on themselves as a battle cry for Mongol Rally carnage. Which brings us to these two miscreants (below, images three and four) who we've spoken about before; you might remember they had their team name, the Rally logo and "Fuck Yeah Joolz" engraved on bottom and calf - and yes they misspelt their team name. Bless.

Have you seen any good Mongol Rally tattoos we've missed? Do you know whom the dodgy anonymous piece belongs to?

Are you doing the Rally in 2013? Are you planning to get a Mongol Rally tattoo? Do you think you can beat these efforts?

If so, get in touch.