Mongol Rally 2013 sets off from Bodiam Castle

Today 170 eager teams have started their 10,000 mile journey from the National Trust's Bodiam Castle to officially kick off the 10th Mongol Rally

This is what the National Trust's website says about the idyllic Bodiam Castle: "This fairytale castle is one of Britain's most romantic and picturesque, set in the heart of 1066 country. With spiral staircases, battlements and a portcullis, 14th-century Bodiam Castle is the real thing. Windows where arrows were once fired, a tower that was once a look-out and ruins that were once walked upon by knights; this is a place where you can relive your childhood memories and let your imagination run riot." We couldn't put it better, so we wont even try.

At 9am sharpish Mr Buddy took to the stage to congratulate the brave fools on the best bad decision of their lives. Following on from the prizegiving we were treated to a jousting tournament. Then after a group photo, the big moment arrived like a juggernaut of hysteria. 

The teams rode over our gigantic stage and with a few words of encouragement and occasional commiseration from Buddy the teams thundered off into the unknown.