Breakdowns & crashes on the Mongol Rally

Every now and then we hear folks saying the Rally is getting easier; that roads are getting better, that cars are improving, becoming safer and more reliable and the driving habits of other road users are also improving. We thought we'd investigate this spurious claim and see how the 2013 Ralliers are getting on with these hi-tec cars and impeccable roads. Not quite as well as you'd imagine it turns out.

The Desert Spoons

Trouble for the Desert Spoons

"Karlos. RIP."


These chaps are so unlucky that they had to replace the car in this picture before they left the UK. To make matters worse the other two cars in their team broke down in Brussles too! Nice work. You can read more about what happened here.

Honkie Wookie Boots

"Roads are shocking! Exhaust fell off, got it welded, fell off 50 miles later. Popped tyre on lovely small section of Tarmac road. Nice lunch of pancakes. Petrol tank got a nice hole in the bottom, petrol going everywhere. Going to fix it with chewing gum and some socks."

07:50 - 06/08/13


Seems like we gotta buy a horse to get to Mongolia. Ya the mongol rally has just started.

 Trouble for team Diguarion

Trouble for team Diguarion


These Guys seem to have had a bit of a bump with a truck in Russia. 

As you may already be aware, we were involved in an 'incident' in the hell that is Turkmenistan. But we are all safe.


Bad times for Paint it Yak

Paint it Yak

Driving through Kazakh, nearly at Almaty. Stopped to sleep. Jacked the car up and the suspension piston thing is leaking black stuff everywhere but I'm sure it'll be fine. She probably doesn't need it anymore? We've seen those anti-smoking adverts.

04:26 - 05/08/13

In true Adventurist spirit the team dusted themselves off, patched their car up and made it to Mongolia. Good work chaps. 

The Mon-gollywogs

So Ukraine roads have made my exhaust fall off... Hopefully fix tomorrow

06:43 - 23/07/13

The Mongol Way Round

Ripped of fuel filter and damage 2 fuel lines late last night after crossing border. Bodged up and drove 600miles today with layman brothers.

03:25 - 12/08/13

The Rat Pack

Broke off the now sounds like an insane street car. #stoked

08:25 - 08/08/13

Atomic Patrol

Thibault Bozimeau and his team Atomic Patrol crashed into a truck in Kazakhstan when his broken suspension caused his car to lose control (picture below). He hitched the rest of the way with another team in an ambulance while his team mates had to fly home).

He did the rally in 2011 where he broke down and had to retire (again in Kazakhstan.) Being a true adventurist he has said he will try again in 2014 or 2015, maybe avoiding kazakhstan next time?

The man in the big hat says "D'oh!"

Langstrasse Ext.

"Taking a short break in the Pamirs"

This team managed a three-quarter turn before their car landed after losing control on the sand. They are all ok and are back on the road again.

The problem with 4x4s is that they are a bit top-heavy

Khan Touch This

The cheeky chaps from Khan Touch This decided to make some  minor modifications to their car in a swift and brutal fashion. Yes, ok they crashed it. To make life more interesting for themselves they decided to crash in Turkmenistan a country where under no circumstances ever should one leave  a car broken or otherwise. This meant the chaps had under 10 days to remove their vehicle either under its own steam or any other way possible.

Fortunately the team managed to get out of Turkmenistan just in time to avoid spending the rest of their lives rotting in a Turkmen jail. Good work chaps.

Er, cosmetic damage, would you say?

Breaking down on the Mongol Rally is bad. Breaking down on the Mongol Rally in Turkmenistan is a whole world worse