Adventurise your home

The sight of the Mongol Rally logo to Rally veterans is a bit like the opening chords of the national anthem, the smell of the first cut lawn of the summer, the taste of the first gin and tonic after six months in prison for yet another charge of public indecency. It stirs up immense feelings of pride, anticipation and delight which those on the outside wouldn't understand.

This is why so many Rally veterans choose to keep the mark of the Rally so close to them and today we're bringing you a new way of injecting a little adventurism into your visual cortex. Not long ago we received an email from Nicki from 2011 Rally team Denmark4Mongolia, Nicki and his team-mate Peter had these splendid Mongol Rally tattoos done (their team-mate Brian wussed out because he was scared of a bit of scarring). Not only that but they decided to further enhance their lives with a rather inspiring Mongol Rally stencil in their living-room house space.

Below is a series of photos showing the creative process and the final results. As an additional touch they added a stout briar pipe burning what i can only imagine to be my favourite vanilla tobacco. We think you'll agree it looks pretty jolly spiffing.

Now also seems like a pretty good time to say Mr Brian Moller Jensen, your number is up. Please report to the nearest tattoo parlour and fulfill your obligation to your team-mates or forever be known as a massive weener, afraid of a teeny tiny little needle. Stand forth Brian old chap; stand forth & man up, your time has come.