Mongol Derby Rider Briefing in Ulaanbaatar


The 30 riders taking part in the Mongol Derby have arrived in Ulaanbaatar and the rider briefing has already taken place ahead of today’s journey out to the start camp. While the classroom session may not be the most exciting aspect of the race, it’s a vital part of preparing the riders before heading out to the Steppe.

The crew and systems of the race are introduced, the route explained and questions answered after months of preparation and remote communication with riders spread all over the world. Presentations are given by the team of equine vets who will be looking after the horses, the team of medics from Prometheus Medical, the Race Managers who will be adjudicating and managing the course,  and the Race Chief Katy.

The riders are also weighed, wearing their riding gear to make sure they have kept within the rules and weigh no more than 85kg all in. They are also allowed a further 5kg of kit and/or supplies and the weight rules are vigorously enforced. (Pictured right – rider Lyn Hamilton on the scales)