Team Fagowi Mongol Rally record

Adrienne and Guy from team Fagowi think they can lay claim to a Mongol Rally record; the most countries crossed en route to the finish line.

Their list of 40 countries in order were: UK, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosova, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgystan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia. 

They also created a new game to further spice up their rally, a game which they titled "The Bold and the Map-less", this involved burning their maps and smashing their compass (the remains of which Adrienne took to wearing around her neck) and relying on the sun and friendly people to guide them. Here are some highlights in pictures.

Laundry: Mongol Rally Style

Laundry: Mongol Rally style (left)

Roughing it on the Black Sea Ferry (below)

The Black Sea ferry has a reputation for striking fear into the heart of Mongol Ralliers; a dangerous filthy boat with cramped uncomfortable conditions, you can tell from the picture below that Adrienne and Guy found it pretty tough.

A tough time on the infamous Black Sea ferry

Uzbekistan: Country 36


All the miles began to take their toll and in Kazakhstan they stopped to pump their tyres to find the right front spring was broken, with their only spare the wrong size. It took just three hours for the local mechanic to use a blow-torch to shape a found spring to the right shape. They then picked up a couple of new tyres and topped up the oil and were ready to roll again.

An essential repair at a reputable garage. No sucking of teeth guaranteed

Reverse gear had somewhat failed so advanced manouvers had to be done by hand

Getting worse

On the Mongolian border they lost second gear than 4th an hour later, not long after they lost the remaining gears and were stuck, they tried to got a tow to Olgii, but the engine of the truck towing them stopped when it ran out of fuel. A second truck was flagged down and some more fuel was purloined. The tow resumed only for the Fiat's brakes to fail, they managed to avoid crashing into the back of the truck, but as they passed it the tow rope broke. Fortunately they managed to stop using the handbrake.

They re-tied the tow rope only for it to break again. An attempt was made to reinforce the rope with other tow-ropes, only for these too to break. The next plan was to roll down each hill and build up enough speed to mount the next rise; this practice (without the luxury of brakes) managed to get them to Olgii.

First tow

Second tow

The End of the line for Clairellenbeth

Clairellenbeth, not so trusty steed of the Fagowi at her last resting place; the Mongol Rally Drop off point at Olgii. Her drivers side rear window had previous broken on a pothole in Kazakhstan.


In the Mongol Rally 'Graveyard' at Olgii

Finish line

40 countries. 11,532 miles. Carless but triumphant Adrienne's finish line pic, taken after 5 days with no shower and 3 days with next to no sleep. 

 This is the end. It's been emotional

This is the end. It's been emotional