Rickshaw Run team updates

The September Rickshaw Run has been going for five days now; some of the teams are beginning to master driving their steeds, while others are just beginning to master sign language with mechanics.

The field has been a little quiet, which suggests that either there's nothing going on, they are all very, very stuck or that they're having far too much fun to bother letting anyone know how it's going. Judging by the updates we do have, we're guessing a combination of the last two.

Bang Lostie
Continuing on without 1st, 2nd, and occasionally 4th gear.
12:33 - 11/09/13

We Got The Rickshaw Runs
Some cheeky bandits tried to stop us near Nalibari but we just drove straight through them and they leapt out of the way. Not sure they liked the power of our our 7bhp beast or the cricket bat we were swinging!
06:44 - 12/09/13

Hula Hooligans
Stopped for the night at a surprisingly nice Jalpaiguri hotel (hot shower!). Much needed after the day: broken clutch, leaking engine, night-time driving, lots of time with local mechanics and being run off the road into a pile of cow shit (not a metaphor).
06:42 - 10/09/13

Two Idiots AbroadDay no 3 and India is throwing it all at us. Mobs, being chased, endless breakdowns and jump starts, insane coach drivers and hoards of fasinated locals and a lot of time spent on the toilet!

Hula Hooligans
... and we're officially the last out of the parking lot! Rickshaw already breaking down - engine keeps stopping!

Bhaji out the way!
Met the shaw yesterday!! Looks EXACTLY like a rolls royce (knda). We have added a musical horn, an alarm clock and plan to give it union jack curtains today. True true british! The model is old and we are having to duck tape the **** out fo the battery but it runs smoothly (relatively) and we can not get into second gear which takes us to about 10km/hour..........



The Musketuckers
Few near death experiences but on the bright side managed to fix a brake line failure with a condom. Made Bihar Sharif and looking forward to some more 'national highways'.
03:53 - 12/09/13

And here are a couple of videos from Team 'I Got 99 problems but Jaisalmer ain't one'. Apologies for the landscape camera-work, but they do quite a good job of showing that whether it be city or countryside rickshaw driving is a testing experience.