Experiments in Speed - Mongol Rally veteran done good

Every year we get a bunch of folks writing to their college or University asking for some cash to help them to do the Mongol Rally, they use the argument that it's a 'once in the lifetime trip' which will change the way they look at the world and aid their personal development. While we think that proper adventure should never be just once in a lifetime; some people have gone on to do some pretty cool shit after the Mongol Rally.

Mr Tom Donhou is a lovely chap who did the 2009 Mongol Rally then went on to start a bicycle building business Tom wanted to see how fast he could make one of his bikes go. This is the video of his story.

Next time you're asking for some cash for your adventure, perhaps you should show them this video as an indication of where your journey might take you.

You can find out more about Tom's bikes over on his website he is also on the antisocial media Facebook & Twitter

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