Why get an Adventurist tattoo?

What posses someone to get a Mongol Rally tattoo? Is it that they are reckless, foolhardy? Possibly, but there is another explanation too. Much as some folks get tattoos of lines of their favourite poem or a symbol to mark the birth of a child/ a wedding/ the death of a cherished pet, it seems that many choose to give themselves a lasting impression of the Rally too; because it was in fact a significant part of their lives the passing of which should be marked accordingly.

The start of last summer we brought you a post about the marvelous tattoos Ralliers have  chosen to take home as a memento of their Mongol Rally. This updates brings you a few tattoos which escaped our notice, some new ink from the past couple of months and a couple of amendments to the previous blog

 Tove from team Corpus Callosum

Tove from team Corpus Callosum

Ben from "Need for Speedos" with Soyombo tattoo

The Newbies

On the left is Danish Neurosurgeon Tove who drove the Mongol Rally this year on her own. Rather than buy a cashmere jumper or a nice pair of Mongolian boots Tove chose a Mongol Rally tattoo as a souvenir of Mongolia. Tove doesn't know it yet but at some point she'll be wondering if she can live without an Ice Run tattoo on the other arm.

We also have Ben from "Need for Speedos" who had the Mongolian crest the Soyombo tattooed on his flank.

The below tattoo is Michael from September Rickshaw Run team "Oompah Loompa". Michael is the first Rickshaw Runner to celebrate their travails in the subcontinent in such a permanent way. Our sources reliably inform the legend reads Team Oompah Loompa | Rickshaw Run.

 Michael from Team Oompah Loompa with his fetching Rickshaw tattoo

Michael from Team Oompah Loompa with his fetching Rickshaw tattoo

Hiding in the woodwork

On the last blog we asked if there were any Mongol Rally tattoos our there that had somehow slipped underneath our radar and you didn't disappoint.

Below is Nikki & Peter from 2011 team "Denmark2Mongolia", who wisely decided to bring some instant class to their rather plain looking legs. 

The lovely crisp lines below are courtesy of Leon and Danny of team "Two and a Half" men. Apparently their team-mate Mark needs to wait until he turns 18 before he can join them.

Danny from team Two and a Half Men

Leon from team Two and a Half Men

Some amendments

Mr Tom Richmond from 2009 team "Don't Stop!" stepped forward and claimed ownership of the rather creative and previously anonymous interpretation of the Rally emblem to the right.

We also got a message from Henry from 2010 team "The Buglers" explaining the  mysterious motto accompanying his tattoo here is his explanation: "The tattoo was meant to read 'Go Hard or Go Home,' which would have been 'Vado Duras vel Vado Domus,' but a typo changed Duras to Enduras which does not actually translate to anything! Duras forms the the root of Endure which is where the mistake came from . . . "

Henry from "The Buglers"

Tom Richmond "Don't Stop!"

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