A Mongol Rally message from Cool Earth

With the final Rally teams chugging across the finish line (by the way, what has taken some of you so long, poor Rob has been in Mongolia for months) we thought it was a good time to review what we have learnt from our first Rally as the official charity of the Adventurists.

But the most impressive insight we learnt is that you guys can party way harder then we can. Which given you just drove a crap car 1/3 of they way across the planet through countries that most people (I include myself in this) don’t even know existed… this shouldn’t really have been a surprise. 


Roll on Mongol Rally 2014.


Remember you've got until March 31st to be in the running for the Cool Earth leaderboard draw; when the top 10 Cool Earth fundraising teams will be put into a draw to win a money-can't-buy trip to Peru to see the great work Cool Earth are doing there. Also the remaining 9 teams on the leaderboard will win one of our adventures. Most of you have been back long enough now to be thinking of your next trip, right?