Where is your fundraising going?

Cool Earth has now seen off the 2013 Ralliers, Derbyists and September Runners with the Junketeers in hot pursuit. With the epic amount of world saving this entails, we wanted to tell you more about the rainforest that every Adventurist is saving. 

So why Peru? 

Peru is the third largest rainforest nation on the planet. It is also one of only four across South America that is at the pre-transition phase in terms of forest change. Peru still has more than 50% forest cover and its rate of forest loss is still only between 0% and 0.25% each year. (Brazil is already passed this point). This means that Peru is the Amazonian country that Cool Earth can make the biggest difference in.

Where are you helping?

This year the Adventurists are supporting our Ashaninka Project in the Rio Ené Valley of central Peru. The Ashaninka are our indigenous partners in our mission to halt rainforest destruction. Ten years ago these villages lived 200 miles from the arc of deforestation. Today the loggers are on their doorstep.

We started working with the village of Cutivireni in 2008 after loggers offered them cash for their valuable hardwood trees. Today, we are partnering with fourteen of their neighbouring villages. These villages are the only ones in the valley to have no loggers and zero destruction. 

Get your bearings for the villages you are helping save below

 The villages of the Ashaninka project

The villages of the Ashaninka project

Every Adventurist is now working alongside these villages to halt rainforest logging. Without this support, these villages would have little option but to accept a logging offer. This ‘selective logging' is the key deforestation threat in Peru and starts the incremental process towards clear cutting.

By building better incomes, better schools and better clinics, Cool Earth helps to empower these villages to take control of their forest and nip deforestation in the bud.

With the Adventurists behind the Ashaninka project, millions of acres of forest are being made inaccessible to loggers. Great work Adventurists. We salute you.