The Mongol Rally with JVC Adixxion

To celebrate the 10th Mongol Rally we've put together a multi-person film showing what sort of people do the Rally and what sort of mischief they get up to along the way. To facilitate this we persuaded the nice chaps at JVC to give us a stack of their Adixxion action cameras to give to a bunch of teams and from the footage we've been putting together these on-the-road updates. With 95% of teams having now finished the Rally we've put the finishing touches together on the last of the set of videos.

You can now watch the lot back to back for an experience a bit like doing the Mongol Rally without getting dirty, or lost, or breaking down, or eating nothing but pot noodle for five weeks, or having your parents worry that you've been kidnapped by bandits. OK, so it's not as good as doing the Mongol Rally, but it's still pretty impressive.