Mototaxi Junket 13 on the road updates

27 teams of intrepid adventurers and fools that should know better are weaving their way across Peru like a drunken snake sidling up to a garden hose. We've had the usual array of break-downs, brush-ins with militias, guinea-pig feasts as well as a spot of luxury and the odd lion. Here are the highlights:

Team Rastenschleifer
The motto today was full throttle. We have reached our destination. Huaraz. Today we only had a puncture in the tire. Replaced hose and get air from a trucker.
00:30 - 23/10/13 


Prague Adventurists
Tarapoto after a long day of dirt roads by the river. Amazing drive.
02:44 - 23/10/13

Precarious Paddingtons
Nightmare yesterday cog failed again. Chain wrapped itself in a complete mess locking up wheel. Found out that it is possible to hitch one mototaxi up to the back of another, its possible to avoid paying tolls to local militia by posing with guns and that camping in this climate is warm as balls.
15:21 - 22/10/13

The Modern Nomads
Drove through some sweet roads to Tocache. Amazing to be in the Jungle with 32 degrees, parrots flying overhead, papaya trees on the side, and the locals tossing fruit at us. Cocaine Alley tomorrow, let's see what that throws at us…
06:13 - 22/10/13

The Gobi Desserts: Revived
The Amazon. Sweaty balls and large insects that hurt when they hit your face when your travelling at 'speed' (read; 'barely forwards'). Also, can somebody please explain to me how it can rain and have thunder and lightening when there is not a cloud to be seen in the sky?!
06:11 - 22/10/13

These are not my goats
Monday night. More mechanical issues laid us up in Huanuco. Trying to figure out plan C, D, or Z. Not sure how to cover all the remaining ground.
03:32 - 22/10/13

Trashcan Sinatras
After an awesome 350km covered yesterday we made it to Trujillo. The Mototaxi is parked up for the day as we've checked into the Libertador hotel and spa for the day/night, back on the taxi tomorrow :-) 
15:59 - 21/10/13


Fighting Trousers
Protesters set up road blocks in town for a strike, burning tyres, the lot!
15:55 - 21/10/13

Prague Adventurists
So, we managed to melt the piston. All over the valves, exhaust manifold, and over the sides of the cylinder. That probably explains why there was only half a spark plug left. So, one brand new engine fitted, in under an hour and a half, we broke the frame as well, so welded that up, and should be on the road by 10.
15:10 - 21/10/13

Getting ready to leave Tocache and head towards Tarapoto. Paid our first bribe to the Ronderos, don't argue with a shotgun wielding group. Also had a guy on a truck aiming his machine gun at us... have emergency vodka in case of camping :)
14:48 - 21/10/13

The Unofficial Lifan Racing Team


03:07 - 21/10/13

One For Every Mile
Escaped the drug zone after seeing 10 armed groups and having paid 40p for protection and 40km of the worst road ever past a derelict military outpost! Incredibly hot but back to the Andes tomorrow and heading for the coast and some beers on the beach in a few days fingers crossed
01:16 - 21/10/13

Perilous Piranha
Rooftop beers at the hotel. Beautiful.
00:46 - 21/10/13The Unofficial Lifan Racing Team


03:07 - 21/10/13

The Gobi Desserts: Revived
Mechanic installed new starter assembly and mototaxi started. Just 30km along the road on a steep incline the bike cuts-out again... Bugger it. A new local mechanic is trying his best.
12:35 - 21/10/13

Team Rastenschleifer - Luzato
El Tuco runs like the plague.


10:56 - 20/10/13

Perilous Piranha
Should I be worried that a mechanic laughed at our mototaxi? He thinks that our engine will blow up before Terrapotto. We have an oil smear line around the head gasket. Lets hope that when she blows we are near somewhere we can get another one. Or perhaps shoe horn in a Chevvy 350.
06:31 - 20/10/13

The Gobi Desserts: Revived
The mechanic, Kevin, got us moving, but it was only a quick fix. More work would be needed in Tingo Maria he said. It would indeed. Night had fallen and on a road known for bandits and mad truck drivers our mototaxi cut-out, lost all power including lights...! We free-wheeled to a restaurant by headtorch and slept on the floor. Today after 25km more free-wheeling down the mountain we incredibly run into yesterday's mechanic on his way to visit a friend. A bit of tinkering and 45km of towing later we arrive in Tingo Maria. This is the rainforest now. It's so hot I'm sweating in terrible ways.

Fighting trousers
Cops with massive rifles, not one of them loaded...definitely trying to over compensate for something! In other news, trundling along through the Amazon and Wynona is still running...well shuffling.
15:54 - 20/10/13

The Gobi Desserts: Revived
The road yesterday took us down off 4000m plateaus into a desert valley full of cacti. Following Rio Mantaro along Ruta Tres we drove along some of the most dangerous mountain roads we've ever seen. Turning off towards Pampas we did the sketchiest driving yet
18:25 - 19/10/13

Perilous Piranha
Dropped below 1000m for the first time. Suddenly tropical. Hot, vegetation clinging to the side of cliffs, Just cooled off under a road side waterfall. Brightly coloured butterflies flitting over roadside puddles.
09:15 - 19/10/13

One For Every Mile
Nearly got run over by a bus, one flat tyre, 348km in a day, loose front brake, stopped by the police 4 times and managed a significant amount of illegal driving on the motorway! Two beers tonight as a treat heading to the jungle tomorrow congratulations to all of those who made it this far without resorting to a truck
02:23 - 19/10/13

Prague Adventurists
Dinner tonight of al paca and guinea pig. Tasty.
16:11 - 19/10/13

Team Rastenschleifer - Luzato


07:28 - 18/10/13

The Modern Nomads
This is not what I would have expected to see in Peru. 30 min out of Ocros, we found a truck with a flat tire. With friggin' lions in the back!
02:28 - 17/10/13

Fighting trousers
No matter where in the world you go, someone with a can of paint will draw a cock on the wall
11:38 - 14/10/13

The Gobi Deserts: Revived
Day One, MTJ13. The Gobi Desserts have travelled the distance of my smallest finger-nail on the map, which is remarkably underwhelming. We have experienced our first mountain road switchbacks which are, incidentally, very 'brown pants'.
01:47 - 14/10/13

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