An introduction to Buddyism.TV

Some of you might recognise Buddy, he is the EmCee for the Mongol Rally launch as well as being Chief Guinea-pig for Mr Tom's ludicrous experiments in the Institute of Adventure Research. He also made a programme called Wild Rides about the Mongol Rally & Rickshaw Run for National Geographic. A talented gentlemen you might say.

Mr Buddy doesn't always work for the Adventurists though. We tried to keep him in a dusty cupboard and only wheel him out when we need him; but he started shrieking and threatening to call his agent. Anyway, it might surprise you that Mr Buddy is a comedian, the surprising bit is he's actually quite good. We know, this is somewhat hard to believe so we've included a gallery of short videos. Fear not, they are very short.

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The Jibber
Moroccan Roll