What's all this shit about Mr Joolz Skiing?

Why is Mr Joolz at a Ski resort and why should you give a shit?

A good question and one we don't have a great answer to. So we're going to make one up.

Mr Joolz has been asked to visit the highest resort in Europe, Val Thorens to sample the ski alternatives. He's been chosen to go up against a host of bloggy types from all over Europe in a 'Blogg-off', think of it like a rap battle with less gold chains and more complaining about wifi. Probably culminating in downing shots and an old-school dance-off.

Ski alternatives, what, like apres ski?
No, not apres ski; all the other stuff.

Like what?
Tobogganing, snowball fights, eating in restaurants. Not sure yet, that's what we're going to find out.

It must be good, it's got a special graphic and everything

Mr Joolz milliseconds before a monumental face-plant

Isn't that just for folks who are shit at skiing?

Er, no, maybe. That's what he's going to find out. But considering Mr Joolz  is as good at skiing as he is at driving a car he's well qualified.

Drinking gin in a ski resort isn't very adventurous is it?
Well, no. Possibly not. but considering there are more injuries on the ski slopes than the Mongol Rally* then there should be ample opportunity for calamity.

So what has this got to do with me?
Well you get to hear about the great ski alternatives at the resort which is the cherry on the cake of the Alps; you know in case you break a leg skiing there. You get to live vicariously through Mr Joolz. AND you get the change to win a similar escapade.

OK tell me more...
You can follow the fun on the twitter hastags:
#GameofBlogs & #ValThorens  & The Adventurists Twitter

Feel free to message Mr Joolz with support or death threats as usual.

And you can vote for Mr Joolz HERE for your chance to win. Or if you'd rather, you could just go back to what you were doing before.

If you're really not all that interested Mr Joolz will be back on Tuesday. There are other blogs with nothing to do with ski resorts on the links below.


*and that's just in the bars afterwards

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