Rickshaw Run Wrap up - Jan 2014

The Finish Line Party for the January Rickshaw is always a biggie. An adventure that starts on New Year Eve and passes through Goa on the way to the finish line is always going to get raucous. The party spirit, sort of snowballs into a crescendo of carnage. Rickshaw Run Chief Mr Matt has the eyewitness report. 


Jesus Harold Christ.

Last night saw possibly the most ridiculous Rickshaw Run party ever. In fact it was maybe simply the most ridiculous party ever, ever.

It started off with a Runner setting off with a firework in a petrol station. That wasn't the best start to be fair. Anyway he got slapped some police quickly and the matter was finished.

We then took boats over to the island where the party's held - one of the boat men smashing his head on the way and bleeding over everyone. That was a nice touch.

Upon arriving teams were greeted with garlands and welcome drinks as they 'ooh'd and ahh'd' at the venue. The martial arts display brought more ooh's and ahh's as the guys jumped around spinning fire and awesomeness. 

Next up was the banquet where everyone ate far too much. Probably a good base for the too many beers that everyone then proceeded to drink (they actually drank the bar dry in record time this time).

Next up was someone in agonising pain with a possible ruptured spleen. Personally I think he probably just needed a good fart.

The award ceremony was soon to follow. Awards were given to everyone who made their own special effort. The highlight was probably the 'best facial hair' award that was a closely fought competition between four particularly hirstute fellows. The winner being 'Andre' from team 'To the left to the left' seeing as his beard was nearly fifty years old. Great work.

Once the awards were done the firework display happened. Luckily this wasn't held in a petrol station. More 'Oohs and Ahh's' were heard.

Then shit got weird.

Someone ran into a display in reception smashing it to smithereens (unfortunately the CCTV footage was too blurry to tell who it was). Nathan from team 'Going Bananas' got smashed with a chair (his idea) and was unconscious for some time.

There was a conga. Bodyslams happened. Head fixer, Ricky and a lot of other people lost their clothes. The DJ started playing Bon Jovi. I started an impromptu and surprisingly successful 'Hey Jude' singalong. We were then asked to leave.

The afterparty was soon to follow. You'd have thought these guys hadn't touched a drop all night the way they devoured beers like parched camels.

Goodness only knows what happened next. It probably wasn't pretty though.

Mr Matt
Rickshaw Run Chief.

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