Mongol Rally Launch Awards Ceremony

It wouldn't be a proper launch without some sort of of award ceremony so true to form we have celebrated various teams for their poor planning and sharp dressing, with help from the guys at Holt Lloyd International Ltd for supplying great prizes.

The catergories the teams are competing over this year are:

Most amount of cash raised for charity

Best pimped vehicle

Least likely to make it 

Best vehicle that looks like a trike

And the teams who win get a bag of splendid stash to help them on their trip including what is essentially a 'get out of the shit kit' for the road ahead. Lots of handy products to fix various ailments, punctures and the like. Here are the winning teams and their prizes.

Most amount of cash "The Old Blues Brothers" who raised over £13,000 for charities.

old blues brothers.jpg

Best pimped vehicle for team "Mongke's Fist" who attached a giant flag waving fist to the top of their car.


Least likely to make it was Team Serpico a team of large Americans in a very small Dawoo Matiz, they justified their selection by snapping off their exhaust driving onto the stage to claim their prize


Team "Around By Trike" perhaps unsurprisingly blew all the other teams out of the water in the "Best vehicle that looks like a trike" category.


There is also our favourite award presented to team '4 Men 7 Brows' for being the biggest wusses which won them an extremely cumbersome, crap, broken TV which they MUST take to Mongolia for having such a wimpy car. The car in question being a 4x4 Daihatsu Terios which they made more wussy by adding rally tyres, a sump guard and a roll cage.


Well done to all the teams who won, especially you guys 4 Men 7 Brows you've earned it. 

Thanks to the chaps at Holt Lloyd International Ltd who provided the goodies, a full list of what the teams won is below.