Ricks Rollin' - August 2017 Hits the Road

It's that time of year again. The ever-so-slightly-mental time. As well as the Mongol Derby and Mongol Rally, it's also time for the August edition of the Rickshaw Run. Mr Aneurin and his team on the ground had a spirited bunch this time, well mainly spirits, though a lot of beer was also involved. Here's the lowdown of how the launch goings on got going - in glorious technicolour.


Not to be confused with the other, slightly less friendly association. We do so appreciate some effort in vehicular or indeed personal decoration.

What better to piss yourselves off than with some irritating horns?

Not to be outdone this chap got his own horn on


There aint no party like a rickshaw party. Or so we've been told. Lost possessions, lost brain cells and, of course, bucketloads of lost dignity. The August lot lost it all. Bravo.


It's customary to play a local team at either cricket or football. Generally, when we play cricket we get an absolute thrashing. So we opted for football and beat them 2-1 instead. Maybe we'll stick to football.


Because India is one of the more random countries as it is. 

The Launch

And so to launch morning. The smell of petrol, the sounds of irritating horns, the put-putting of their engines. Goodness we're jealous. India, and a mere 3000kms awaits. With some flag waving from esteemed local Councillor Antony Kureethara - they were off. Now we can go back to bed. 

You can keep track of all the teams and the action from the road on the Tracking Dashboard

If you feel a hankering for badassery and think it's your time to do the Rickshaw Run - then August 2018 is still up for grabs.