Mongol Rally sponsors Prometheus Medics Arrive in Ulaanbaatar

Written by the Prometheus Medical team.

Writing this finds us sat in a state of insomnia induced semi-consciousness outside Cafe Amsterdam in downtown Ulaanbaatar, surrounded by those members of the Mongol Derby 2013 crew who have successfully survived the journey (and first night) out.

It must be noted that, despite a Skoda-esque reputation earned in the late 20th century, our airline of choice, Aeroflot, much like the former soviet-bloc automobile manufacturer, appears to have undergone a renaissance, and the flight out was not altogether disagreeable.

Prior preparation, preventing poor performance, ensured that an entirely quorate medical kit was waiting for us in The Adventurists HQ. Under the direction of Deb Swann, our erudite A&E Senior Sister, all the equipment & drugs provided by Prometheus were sorted, ordered, packed, checked, unpacked & re-packed, until a semblance of organisation was finally bestowed – The Mongol Derby Medical Crew 2013 were ready for the off – albeit not for another 72 hours.

The evening gave an opportunity for a social gathering with the other members of The Crew – mostly Veterinarians as far as I could tell – a fairly international bunch, consisting of South Africans, Americans, some French, a British contingent, and a Belgian.

Enviable anecdotes from those who had completed previous Derby’s, lengthy discussions about the upcoming race, and the development & allocation of bespoke call-signs, saw The Crew through the evening, until a combination of sleep deprivation, satiated appetites, and a 7 hour rightwards shift in time-zones, forced a retreat to the comfort of The Sant-Azar hotel and bed.

Day 2 holds the promise of pre-race briefings for The Crew, and an opportunity for the medical team to head across to the SOS Clinic to collect IV fluids and establish CASEVAC protocols in case of a significant rider injury.

The Prmoetheus Medics will be updating regularly from the racecourse, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

The medics will be looking after the 2013 Mongol Derby riders, who sometimes need a bit of patching up out there, judging by this photo from last year’s race: