October 2018 Edition

  • 12th - Get yourselves to the start line. 
  • 13th - Test Driving, pimping, adventure briefing and launch party
  • 14th - Launch
  • 20th - Finish Party


April 2019 Edition

  • March 29th - Get yourselves to the start line. 
  • March 30th - Test Driving, pimping, adventure briefing and launch party
  • March 31st - Launch
  • April 6th - Finish Party

October 2019 Edition

  • October 11th - Get yourselves to the start line. 
  • October 12th - Test Driving, pimping, adventure briefing and launch party
  • October 13th - Launch
  • October 19th - Finish Party

    Getting there and back

    Fly in and out of Columbo airport. From there you can get a bus or taxi.

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    How Much


    The entry fee is £1,795 per team. A team is a maximum of 3 members. For that money you get:


    Your steed

    A marvellous Bajaj auto-rickshaw, with all the paperwork necessary for you to take it around Sri Lanka, pimped to your very own design. Also comes with a jerry can and a few key spare parts plus the tools to change them.

    Test driving

    A day of test driving, mechanical sessions and a chance for you to absorb knowledge from the people who’ve been taking rickshaws where they definitely shouldn’t go for the past decade.


    A launch party to blow half of your mind, and a finish line party to destroy the rest of it.


    The Adventure

    A week of some of the most underpant-stirring adventuring possible in a rickshaw.


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    Driving License - You need to have the right sort of licence to drive a rickshaw. Basically you need something that proves you can drive a rickshaw legally in your home country, as well as something that translates it into an easily recognisable format. For example in the UK you need a category 'A' driving license and the corresponding stamp in an International Driving Permit.

    Sri Lankan Visa - Many nationalities can buy this in advance and it costs just $35. More information on how this works and if you need them here.

    Travel & Medical Insurance - You'll need appropriate travel insurance that covers you for exactly what you're doing and exactly where you're going. We wouldn't scrimp on this one, we might make light of the dangers in our writing, but they're very real.

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    Food, Lodging and Fuel

    If you're a Rickshaw Run veteran then Sri Lanka will envelope you in its familiarity like a cuddle from an overweight favourite aunt - just without the smell of lavender and piss.

    Prices are slightly higher than in India, but are still reasonable.

    Expect to pay anything between £2 - £15 for a meal.

    A room will likely cost you something around the £20 mark for something basic, and £50 for something with a pool, the smell of freshly laundered sheets and a minibar full of cold beer.

    Petrol's cheap, around 50 English pence per litre.

    You can get a rough idea of prices in Sri Lanka here.

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