The pioneering Rickshaw Run Himalaya, took place in September 2017. Fourteen expendable fools tested the route for danger and delight. It turns out, that it took the danger and delight scales and tore them new bumholes. The next two editions in July and September 2018 sold out within minutes. 2019 is open now.

Yes, but when?

Leh - Shimla

Friday 21st June - Party

Saturday 22nd June - Test Driving & Briefing / Q&A

Sunday 23rd June - Launch

Saturday 29th June - Finish party

Shimla - Leh

Friday 6th September - Party

Saturday 7th September - Test Driving & Briefing / Q&A

Sunday 8th September - Launch

Saturday 14th September - Finish party

How Much

The entry fee is £2,095. For that money you get:

  • A rickshaw, pimped to your own design with insurance and all the other necessary paperwork

  • Test driving, launch party and finish party

  • A jerry can and a few key spare parts plus the tools to change them

  • A week of some of the most underpant-stirring adventuring possible in a rickshaw

  • The honour of being one of literally only a handful of people who have ever even attempted something so daft


Driving Licence - To drive any vehicle in India as a foreigner it’s a legal requirement to have an International Driving Permit. So make sure you have this. We’ve also found that in India, rickshaws are classed as ‘light motor vehicles’ so legally you can drive them in India with a Category A or B Stamp in your IDP.

All travel insurance policies have an exclusion saying that if you break the law they have the right to deny the claim. This would usually refer to the local laws where the incident takes place, so you need to meet the licence requirements for the country you’re driving in in order to be covered by your travel insurance. Seems obvious enough but it’s always worth double checking with your insurance provider to make absolutely sure you’re covered.

If your licence covers you under domestic law on your adventure, but wouldn’t cover you to drive that vehicle at home, your insurer could argue that you have a lack of experience driving that vehicle.  It might be legal for you to whizz around in a Rickshaw in India on your licence - but maybe not in your country of origin, so it is entirely your responsibility to make sure your insurer will cover you with whatever licence you have.

Indian Visa - Many nationalities can buy this in advance to pick up on the border. More information on how this works and if you can use it here.

Travel & Medical Insurance - You'll need appropriate travel insurance that covers you for exactly what you're doing and exactly where you're going. We wouldn't scrimp on this one, we might make light of the dangers in our writing, but they're very real.

Fuel, Food and Lodging

You - We mentioned this is a remote part of the world right? Because the roads between the start and finish line are shut for at least half the year, there are almost no permanent features on this terrain.

Not much has changed in this respect since the ancient trade routes passed through here on the way to China.

The main source of food and accommodation is the 'Dhaba' roadside eateries, often little more than a tent with a daybed.

Your Rickshaw - Few locals up here have ever seen a rickshaw. While that doesn't mean they wouldn't be able to fix them, it does mean that spare parts are few and far between. 

Fuel stops are very far apart. While you might be able to buy it by the bottle from passing locals you will definitely need to keep your jerry can filled for the longer stretches.