Mongol Rally

10,000 miles of adventure driven in the car you nicked from your gran. Dirt tracks, wild deserts and mountains 
conquered in a 1 litre shitbox.

Rickshaw Run

Cross the Sub-continent in a 3 wheeled lawnmower powered tin can. The mightyish Auto rickshaw.

Mongol Derby

The longest and toughest horse race on the planet. 1000km on semi wild Mongolian horses.

Icarus Trophy

The world's first long distance paramotor race. Flying 1,700 km with a desk fan strapped to your back.

Ngalawa Cup

Our first ocean adventure. What's the worst that could happen. Scratch that. What's the second worst thing?

Ice Run

Take a creaking Soviet motorbike and try to cross the world's largest frozen lake in the depth of Siberian winter.