Stuff you can offer to blag things and money from sponsors

You don’t need sponsors to go on a proper adventure. In fact we’d recommend sacking off as much preparation as possible and head off with a spare pair of pants and a hunting knife. But sponsors can be rather helpful by giving you free stuff, covering some of your costs and helping you fundraise more money to save the world.

We like to work with sponsors and partners occasionally at Adventurists HQ, especially when it means we get loads of Gin or they help the fight to make the world less boring. But we must all beware the ever present danger of getting the wrong kind of sponsorship, or focusing on it instead of making sure you get in as much trouble as possible. In technical terms we call this ‘the risk of looking like a bit of a dick’.

In this section we’ve listed all the things you can offer sponsors, and there’s a guide to help you blag free stuff too. Wherever you see *** marked, it means you should be aware there’s a of risk looking like a bit of a knob if you over-cook it and turn your team into a moving billboard.

It’s possible to nail it in style and bag your team excellent sponsors that contribute to the chaos and mayhem. Here’s what you can offer them and some thoughts on what you could ask for…

Team 138 got some good sponsorship from an online casino.

Big Fat Team Name Title Sponsor

Offer a sponsor your soul. Chuck in a kidney if you have to. This one isn’t for everyone, and ranks quite high up the ‘might make you look like a dick’ scale, but if you’re proper keen on sponsors and want shitloads of stuff in return it’s worth considering.

  • Company name incorporated or reflected in your team name

  • Full sponsorship of your vehicle - check out logos and branding below for full wrap info

  • Title sponsorship of your team website - spank their company all over your team website, more on this below

  • Change your name by legal deed to include the company name. Extreme but could be worth a few quid.


“If you suddenly find yourself chatting to a senior suit with deep pockets and a penchant for chaos you might as well take a punt; chuck as much shit at the wall as possible and see what sticks. Chuck in a few buzz words befitting a pink-shirted salesman and you’ll be away. Bonus points for anyone who includes the term ‘brand synergy’ without vomiting all over themselves in shame and disgust.”


Category Sponsor Title

One rung down from giving away your first born is a potentially effective compromise with less risk of turning your adventure into a corporate business plan. Offer a company exclusive sponsorship of an aspect of your rally team, for example:

  • Vehicle sponsor

  • Adventuring attire sponsor

  • Team Website sponsor

  • Communications / technology sponsor

  • Blog sponsor


Vehicle stuff

Previous teams have had a lot of success with this and it ties in nicely with the photos and videos stuff below. Make sure you save some space for the official rally stickers - it’s one of the rules we’re very keen on. Each team gets three official Mongol Rally stickers; one for the middle of the bonnet and one for each front door. They’re 60cm wide by 30cm high.

  • Logos and advertising on the vehicle (anything you want apart from the space you need to save for the official rally stickers)

  • Full vehicle wrap - some teams in the past have gone to town and offered sponsors their whole car. You can incorporate the official rally stickers into your design instead of having to put stickers on top - give us a shout and we’ll send you the design ***

  • Sponsor flags - these can actually look pretty good when you’re barrelling along on the Mongolian steppe. If you get the photos right your sponsors will do a little wee in their corporate pants. It’s an easy way of giving them big nice looking branding without having it permanently visible for stuff like border crossings. Combine with someone car surfing for maximum impact (requires a certain kind of sponsor to enjoy that kind of thing)

  • Big fuck off banner between two sticks or cars. We’ve never actually seen this done, but if you’ve got a sponsor who is keen on branded photos, you could make up a massive banner and stick it up between two cars or on poles at strategic photographic moments. Try it in the middle of Moscow and let us know what happens.

Team Website

  • Title sponsorship of your whole website - slap them all over it.***

  • Incorporate their name into your team name URL

  • Section or category sponsor (see above, eg blog sponsor)

  • Slap their logos all over the website

  • Post information about their company and products ie give them their own section or page

  • Stick links to their website and social media up there

Team Newsletter / Mailing List

As you’re up front and honourable about this it could help attract sponsors. Set up a mailing list ( is a good option) and offer them these things:

  • Include their info, content, logo, pictures etc in your team newsletters to your subscribers

  • Share the email addresses of your subscribers (careful though, you need to let people know this will happen and what your sponsor will do with their email address, otherwise you might be breaking data laws and/or being a bit of a spammy knob)

You can easily plug sign up forms into your website and MailChimp has widgets you can stick on Facebook pages to encourage people to offer up their email addresses for your adventuring updates.

Offer them use of your photos

 'Team Wispa'

'Team Wispa'

If you’ve got a sponsor that has logos on your car or clothes or they’ve given you stuff they’re going to want to see photos of it. Posting photos with their logos in on your website and social media is a good idea but they might also want to post your photos on their own sites and social media: Here’s what your sponsors can do with your photos:

  • Post your team photos on their social media channels ie Facebook, Twitter etc

  • Use your photos on their blog or company news section

  • Use your photos in their newsletters (as long as they mention your team)

  • Use your photos in press releases that are about your team and clearly state they’re sponsoring your team and not the overall rally (this one is a bit of a theme).

These things they can’t do without approval from Adventurists HQ

  • Use your photos for paid adverts or paid-for marketing campaigns

  • Slapping them on massive billboards

  • Physical merchandise or products for re-sale

  • Use your photos for non-editorial stuff. By that we mean anything relating to news, latest updates, articles which are about your team is fine, but if they want to use your photos for anything non-editorial you need to get approval before offering it. Here’s some examples of what we mean:

    • Product pages (online shops) and product catalogues

    • In store or trade show stands


Stuff sponsors can do with your videos

Your team can post your own videos of course. In fact we highly recommend it so you can show your grandkids how fucking cool you actually are when you’re a dribbling old mess rambling incoherently about the days before teleportation.

You can include your sponsors in your videos any way you like; by having their logos on your car, logos at the start and end of the video or even including your sponsors name in the title of the video itself. Once you’ve got them in to the video here’s what you can do with your videos:

  • Post videos online on a profile set up and owned by a member of your team or for your team itself. ie your YouTube channel or team Facebook Page.

  • Post videos on your own individually owned websites or your team website

  • Provide video footage to TV news stations - daily news shows and the like such as regional news.


There are some things that your sponsors can’t do with your videos unless you get approval from us at HQ, which is usually very straightforward and quick indeed for pretty much all request so do give us a shout.

  • Sponsors can’t host your videos on their own channels ie their company YouTube or Facebook page. They can share videos from your channels but if they want to host them you need to drop us a line first.

  • Sponsors can’t use your footage from the adventure and mix it in to a promotional video with other footage or use your video on screens in stores or at trade shows without getting the thumbs up from HQ first.


Product Testing - Get Free Stuff

Blagging free stuff is probably one of the most obvious ways to bring on sponsors and reduce the load on your wallet. For product testing gubbins here’s what you can offer:

  • Photos and written reports with their product in action. These can be posted on your website, their website, or any other website as long as it includes:

    • Obvious mention of your team taking part in the Mongol Rally

    • Names the adventure

    • Makes it clear they sponsored / worked with you as a team and not the overall Mongol Rally

    • Article includes a link to the official Mongol Rally website.

  • Videos made by your team and posted on your own channels ie your team YouTube, personal channel or team Facebook page. Product sponsors can share your videos on their own channels as long as it’s your team that hosts the video.

Here’s what you can’t offer product sponsors without contacting us for a thumbs up before it happens:

  • Videos hosted on their own channels or sites - they have to be hosted by a team or individual’s personal profile

  • Videos for use at trade shows and in store

  • Use of your footage mixed in with other footage to make a promo video

Have you got a video camera or drone camera sponsor? It’s pretty likely they will want to host content produced by you guys about their kit, so give us a shout and we’ll find out what we can do to help make it happen.


Beware the risk of looking like a corporate knob if you do this. It’s not F1 so while it could be a good idea and make a sponsor happy you could also risk looking like a walking advert when you’re stuck in the Kazakh desert covered in logos. It could also affect how police and officials treat you if you’re a walking billboard and look like a ‘professional’ rally driver. Adventuring attire is important after all. First team to get a tweed suit with their sponsors logo on the breast pocket gets a big prize. ***