Entry Fee

It's currently £1,995 for your rick. If you’re a team of three, that works out at £665 each if you're too lazy to reach for your calculator. 

The Rickshaw Run fee covers a team of between 1-3 adventurists (you don't want more than three - trust us). What then do you get for those hard earned pictures of the queen?


The Rickshaw
A once state-of-the-art three-wheeled Bajaj auto-rickshaw, with all the paperwork necessary for you to take it on public roads and across state lines.

Test Driving
Two days of test driving, pimping, mechanical sessions and a Q&A evening for you to familiarise yourself with your vehicle and what you are about to take on.

A ruddy good party, cricket match and launch ceremony befitting of the brave fools about to take on the whole of India in a crap rickshaw.

Finish Line
A rousing welcome when you finish, a podium for the obligatory finish line photos and a bar for you to share your stories with each other. Topped off with a football match and a party.

A shiny blog where you can shout to the world about what you are about to do, and a tracking map where you can upload your location, messages and photos while you are on the road.

The Knowledge
Support from our team of experts to advise you how to get to the start line, the best outfits for the parties and the best biscuits to pair with Darjeeling tea.

The Adventure
3,000km of the best and worst that India can throw at you and all the stories and glory that go with it.

Other Costs

Getting There and Away - £400 to £1000ish

This is obviously free if you are already in the area but if not, planning your flights in advance and being flexible can bring this down as low as £150 each way. If you are travelling from the USA, EU, AUZ or NZ you can expect to pay around £700 in total. If you want to save pennies then stowing away in the landing gear is usually free, but can result in arrest or death.

Travel insurance - £80ish

Worth not trying to save too much money here – you will feel like a massive bell end if the shit hits the fan and the only response you can get from your insurance provider is some stifled laughter before they hang up on you.

Visas - £100ish

There is no way around this I am afraid, unless you are lucky enough to be from India, Nepal or Bhutan.

Refundable Deposit - Between £500 - £1000 depending on event

This price is per team. We would prefer not take this but every now and again some naughty runner dumps their Rickshaw in a turgid sewage drain or on the steps of some sacred temple and we need a way to finance the rescue operation.

Charity Money - £1000

This doesn't come out of your own pocket, it comes from donations. But it is something to consider. Get help setting up a fundraising page here.

Sleeping - £50 to £1000ish

Typically teams spend around £300 between members over the duration of the trip on accommodation.

It's possible to find a place for less than £4 a night, but £15 night will get you a decent place with WiFi and your own shower. Anyone used to wiping their arse with silk towelettes can get something plush starting from £35 a night. If you can rock the hobo-chic look with consummate ease you could use a tent when outside of the towns - it's free and you'll probably get some good stories out of it.

Food - £50 to £300ish

Street food in India is very cheap - you can pay around £1 for a meal of Dahl and rice with a side order of Cholera. If you prefer to snack on canapés you can get a very good meal for less than £10.

Meds - £100ish

It's common for travellers to India to get a Polio and Rabies jab among others - but have a look online or better still ask a professional - we don't really want to start telling you what or what not to let a doctor to stick inside you. 

Fuel - £250ish per team

Naturally this will be more expensive if you take a longer route or you are morbidly obese, and cheaper if you are a midget.

tool kit.png

Spares and repairs - £10 to £200ish per team

There is little point in trying to prepare for this before the trip as everything you need can be purchased in India cheaper and more easily. Most jobs can be fixed with some pliers and a rock anyway. Repair costs range from 50p for a roadside hammer job to £120 for a complete engine failure.

Chai money - £???

This could cover anything from a crappy little key-ring of the Taj to having wings and a rotor blade attached to your rickshaw - it really is up to you. Think of it as your adventure pot and furnish it appropriately.