The Art of Pimping 

It's one thing to cross the Indian subcontinent in a rickshaw, but it's a much better thing to do it in one that's been pimped. With this in mind we invented the art of distance pimping. It's a bit like distance-learning but without any learning.

First you concoct your own fantasy rickshaw paint job. Paint your chariot pink if you wish, cover it in zebra stripes, or even give it a wonky moustache. 

Then upload your designs to our website. We’ll then blend it with some Indian artistic genius, a certain amount of enlightenment, a few spelling mistakes and the odd dodgy hand-painted line and.... BAM. Pimped Shaw. Nothing short of genius. There’s a prestigious award for the best overall effort, and the awe-struck stares you receive as your fully pimped machine flies by are enough to keep you smiling when it all goes to shit.

Test Driving

Now, chances are your rickshaw driving experience is a touch limited. Working on the terrible presumption that you lot are mostly novice rickshaw-ists, we put on rather exciting test driving days on the days prior to the launch. Here you’ll have complete access to your vehicles, whether it be for driving, pimping, to fiddle with the engine (or lack of) or just to stroke it a little. You'll need to come to at least one of these sessions before the event starts so that you know which way to point your un-trusty steed.

It's also always good to get the first couple of crashes out of the way before you begin the adventure in earnest too.

These days in the field are also a good opportunity to meet your fellow Runners, compare your beasts and generally get excited. Each evening we then retire to somewhere serving fizzy beverages for some impromptu Q&A sessions and some nerve calming: or failing that to sit in a corner and quietly crap yourself about what you've let yourself in for.