Qualifying for the Icarus

Some of you will be already have so much skill at this paramotoring thing it will be falling out of your eyeballs. If that's you then we obviously don't expect you to go back to school. We recognise that this is a new sport and there are lots of ways people have and could achieve a level of mastery. So if you're a great pilot you can turn up and qualify at the start of the race. There is of course a risk of hubris getting in the way of the truth so if you're not quite as good as your mind imagines, there's a risk you might not be allowed to race. Our approved training schools will be able to check you against the criteria if you want to have some peace of mind.

How good do I need to be?

Here is a list of the things you will be tested against to qualify for the Icarus. If you want to get an approved school to test you in advance you can take this sheet along to be checked against.

Let the testing begin...

Upon arrival to the start line in Eatonville, pilots will undergo a series of briefings and blocks of instruction, followed by a bit of an individual "interview" by the race committee to determine if you are prepared enough to compete. 

Expect to discuss (confidentially) your planned route, hazards, and risk factors you've identified - as well as your familiarity with the National Airspace System, airport operations, weather, etc. The race committee wants to help you succeed. They can advise you on your plan, identify other hazards that you may not be prepared for, as well as try to clarify things that you may be fuzzy on.

Although some pilots may be conducting the event as part of a "team" - each pilot must be individually qualified to do the race, so no relying on your buddy who's "good with weather" to save your ass.

Following completion of the interview, expect to show your kit to the race committee and possibly take a quick test flight demonstrating your paramotor prowess and grace.

Racing Class & Adventure Class

The Icarus Trophy is an adventure and a race. So there will be two participation classes. 

Pilots who have the Icarus specific advanced skills and the experience will be invited into the Racing Class to compete for the fastest finisher's crown. 

The Adventure Class is for advanced pilots who are in it for the adventure of completing the course of the first ever Icarus Trophy. Prizes for the Adventure Class will include the furthest distance flown along the racecourse without outside assistance and the 'Legend of Adventure' award. 

Pilot’s pre-race qualifying run

All Pilots need to carry out a long distance test flight that includes at least one unsupported stop to refuel. This means flying a minimum of 100km with a minimum of at least 1 fuel stop. You’ll have to track yourself with "flyskyhy" or a similar app, GPS-enabled vario, or GPS capable of delivering a 3d track. and take photos and/or videos to show your decisions and process.  Have a look at this video on how to deliver proof of the run.

It’s important if you haven’t already got it lined up to do this long distance flying to fully understand what it takes including fuel stops. The deadline for submitting the data will be 4 weeks before the race.