Stand back and behold... The Mototaxi

We searched high and low to find the worst vehicle imaginable for our Peruvian escapade and this beauty ticks all the boxes. No power? Tick. Terrible handling capabilities? Tick. Limited  safety features? Tick. Aversion to climbing steep hills? Tick. Woefully bad amalgamation of two inadequate vehicles? Tick. Inadequate protection from the elements? Big Tick.


What actually is a Mototaxi?

Your Peruvian steed is technically known as a Lifan Trooper 125. Or, in everyday terms, a 125cc motorcycle pimped out with enough room for your mum and her pet donkey.


Engine Size: 125-ish cc

Engine Type: Single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled

Horsepower: Equivalent of seven family dogs

Load: Perfect for you, a lightweight team mate and very little luggage

Drive Chain: 3 x 1 chain driven

Brakes: Rubbish drum brakes

Top Speed: 1 km/h (uphill) 70-ish km/h (downhill)


Imagine a motorbike. Then imagine a smaller one. Then cut it in half and stick a not terribly comfy sofa on the back. Behold, you have the mototaxi - a vehicle entirely unsuited to the task at hand. (And therefore, of course, absolutely perfect.)

These vehicles are genuinely rubbish and highly likely to dump you on a dirt track, axle deep in mud and miles from civilisation. Gears will mangle, chains will snap, engines will melt, tyres will burst, bits will fall off, electrics will go pop.

Have we sold it to you yet? Excellent. Then read on.


Test Driving The Beast

In order to break you in to the engineering un-genius of the mototaxi, we organise three days of pre-launch test driving. Because these beasts are completely different to any vehicle you’ve driven before, we insist you attend at least one of these days. We’ll also show you the basics of how to fix the thing: changing tyres, fixing spokes, cleaning the air-filter, tightening the chain...

You’ll get more details about this once you’re fully signed up.