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Actually you can't. Tough tits. The last Mototaxi has been and gone. All you can do now is marvel at the memories of chaos and wait until we release the monster that will take it's place.

I’ve been to a lot of places throughout the world and done some crazy things, including the Rickshaw Run, but this was and is still one of the craziest, most exciting adventures I have ever done. Thanks!
You guys didn’t lie about the shitty, worst vehicle in the world bit, it broke down pretty much every 5 minutes, making our trip very hard and difficult. . Anyways that’s what adventure is all about no?
It was amazing I’d loved it. Excluding knocking up my wife and the subsequent birth of our first child it was the best thing I have ever done, pushing getting married into third place.
I could write a novel on this single month of my life. Character re-defining experience. It was intense! Really good crew, really good travel mates, enough loose ends to not know what the hell is going on...a proper adventure! ...
As a whole, the trip was amazing. I would never have chosen to travel the route we took without having been part of it. The shit vehicle is a perfect way to force people like me to meet locals, beg for help, make friends with armed women and lose half of the odd bits of useful equipment I brought.