“Epic & utterly ridiculous. The hardest and funniest days ride I’ve ever done.” - Joe Harrod

The Monkey Run is an adventure that takes the impractical brilliance of a Monkey Bike; a vehicle so delightfully ludicrous for even the shortest of jaunts; and tosses it head first into some of the most demanding and challenging stretches of road that have been laid out on planet Earth, and we've recently tested the very latest incarnation:



Romania is still a relatively new one for us, so ruddy new you can hear the squeaks of its spanking new shimmering arse from Bristol; but it’s already, after just a couple of editions, proved itself as a formidable Monkey Run

Romania is home to the Transfaragasan and Transalpina highways, epic slithers of road strewn across the Romanian landscape like a plate of dropped spaghetti. Jeremy Clarkson once proclaimed the Transfaragasan as "The best road in the world", not that we care, it's just that he did...

And sure, you could grab yourself a multi-million pound supercar and shred up the highways like that curly haired twat, but that wouldn't give you access to the miles and miles of demanding off-road terrain the Monkey Bike just hates to love.

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Price: £1200 (Pay in full or in 2 x instalments)

For that you get the following...

  • A mighty if diminutive bike to love 

  • Bike paperwork including 3rd party vehicle insurance

  • Test driving and advice pre-launch

  • A launch party to kill half your brain and a finish party to kill the other

  • The most ridiculous week of adventuring chaos imaginable with likeminded reprobates

  • Enough stories to enthral your mates with for years

  • A sore bottom


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September 2019

13th September
Get yourself to the start line

14th September
Test driving & party

15th September
Launch day

21st September
Finish line opens plus the finish party and prizegiving ceremony

July 2019 - SOLD OUT

28th June
Get yourself to the start line
29th June
Test driving & party

30th June
Launch day

6th July
Finish line opens plus the finish party and prizegiving ceremony

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Romania that's where…

We know. Helpful aren’t we?

The last edition started in the hills of the very north west of Romania right on the border with Ukraine and finished at Vama Veche on the Black Sea. It was an absolute corker.

For the next edition, the exact route is still a closely guarded secret whilst here in Adventurists HQ we furiously work on making the route even more ridiculous than before.

If you've heard of Romania but are too lazy to have done any research on the place, here's some things you might want to know.

  • Local Currency: Romanian leu (don't be getting Euros)

  • Capital City: Bucharest

  • Price of a pint: 94p (€1.11)

Things to do in Romania

Let's talk about the roads

You may have noticed that there is a little bit more tarmac than we're used to here at The Adventurists, but don't be fooled. The roads in Romania not only offer some of the most incredible asphalt roads in the world, but some truly demanding off road trails that will challenge every ounce of you and your trusty steed.

Seriously, they're pretty tricky. 

Romania Quote 3.jpg

"These bikes are completely impractical. That’s why you don’t see thousands of them driving up and down the country. It’s because they’re useless" 

Yup, you heard it here first, they're useless, and that's exactly the point. We've gone to some serious effort to get these bike to Romania, all in the name of adventure. The Monkey Bikes sheer unsuitability and impracticalness is a match made in hell with Romania's torn up tracks and super slick ultra roads. It's an experience you simply can't get with any other bike.

Here's some quick stats to prove just how spectacularly unsuitable they really are.

Engine: 48cc of 4 stroke genius
Power: 2.6 BHP
Weight: 75kg
Brakes: Disc front, drum rear


Monkey Bikes.jpg


Finding fuel and mechanics shouldn't be a problem. Though the mechanics might not have suitable spares for your bike, so you might want to take some basic spares.


Food in Romania is cheap and utterly delicious. Make sure you ask for Sarmale (cabbage rolls) and for you meat eaters out there, try Ciorba de Burta (beef tripe soup). To wash it all down grab some Romanian Moonshine, or to using proper lingo "Țuică". 


Most places you can stop for food and fuel will have somewhere you can stay, even if it's on someone's floor. Because these bikes are pretty shit you might want to bring some camping stuff.


License - You'll need whatever paperwork is required in your country of origin to ride a 50cc motorcycle.
IDP - While International driving permits aren't compulsory in Romania, they act as a useful translation of your driving licence. You want one with a Category "A" stamp.
Bike insurance - The bikes come with 3rd party motor insurance.
Personal insurance - You'll need travel insurance to cover you for the whole of the Run. You should make sure it specifically covers you for what you are doing and where.
Visas - Many nationalities don't need a visa for Romania for up to 90 days. You can check if this includes you here.
Vehicle deposit - We charge a £300 returnable vehicle deposit to make sure we get our bikes back at the end of the adventure, this is fully returnable and we won't charge you for general wear and tear.

A couple of things to do enroute (there is no route)

Berca Mud Volcano

location: 45.359080, 26.712916

Enter this weird Lunar landscape with mud jacuzzis everywhere and get yourself covered in the stuff. Head 10km down a track away from the main road and you'll find yourself there.

There's probably some health benefit to it, but we don't know what it is. 


Bran Castle (Or Castelul Bran)

Location: 45.514813, 25.366853

This beaut is better known as "Dracula's Castle", although there are other castles in Romania that claim to be home to the mother sucker.

Stop off if your bike is giving you a hard time and grab some tea in the "Casa De Ceai" tea house. Immediatly after supping your cup, get back on your bike and start hurting yourself again.


Transfaragasan Highway

Location: 45.452927, 24.624492

A 90km ribbon of heaven that featured on Top Gear a while back with curly haired gibbon Jeremy Clarkson claiming it was "The best road in the world".

He may be an idiot, but he's not far wrong. Be sure to give it a spin won't you? 

Crazy Road.jpg