The Rules Smack-Down

We quake at the thought of clipboards and officious, stern faced folk telling us how to wipe our arses. But we do have three simple Rally rules and they ain’t rocket science. Read on and kneel at the altar of chaos.

RULE 1: Small & Shit

You can take any car, as long as it’s crap and with an engine of 1.2 litre or less. Ideally under 1 litre. For motorbikes we've generously allowed 125cc, but would prefer it to be a scooter. 

You need to drive a small, shit car to make the rally tougher. It's no fun if it's too easy. If you want easy go for a spa weekend.

With a small car, you're more likely to break down so you're more likely to interact with the locals, so you can remind yourself you're alive without jamming a fork into your eyeballs.

RULE 2: On Your Own

We could tell you everything you need to know about all the countries, roads and borders between here and Russia to ensure you have a safe, uncomplicated journey. But if it's not dangerous and you aren't lost, you're not on an adventure. That means no on the road backup or support. If you get stuck or in trouble, you need to solve the problem yourself. Any ‘Help! We’re broken down in Tajikistan,’ type phone calls to Rally HQ will be met with a snort of derision and a click of the receiver.  

RULE 3: Save the World


It only seems fair that if you’re having the mother of all adventures you should give a little back, so we ask teams on the Rally to raise a minimum of £1000 for charity.

£500 of this must go to our official charity Cool Earth. The other £500 can be donated to a charity of your choice. To see why we think Cool Earth are fucking awesome check out the Saving the World page. 

Is There Any Flexibility on These Rules?

Yes. There are these guys called 'Pontins' They will hold your hand, let you come in a big car, and not give a shit about how much you raise for charity. Why not give them a call?