Here’s what the Mongol Rally will cost you

Grabbing a Place


Entry Fee - Cars

£695 per car


Entry Fee - Bikes

£325 per bike


What this gets you

  • Entry to the greatest Rally on earth.

  • A heap of expert knowledge and organisation in the months leading up to the launch

  • A new improved tracking and blogging system

  • A beyond-spectacular launch

  • A European pit-stop party

  • An awesome finish party

  • 'Route beers' meet ups in the run up to the Rally

  • Stories so fucking excellent your friends will be in awe of you for decades to come

  • The ubiquitous Mongol Rally T-shirt

What isn’t included in your entry fee…

  • Your vehicle

  • Your vehicle’s insurance

  • Travel to and from the start and finish line

  • On the road living, fuel, repairs and accommodation costs

  • Your £1000 charitable donation

  • A set route

  • Personal travel insurance

  • Visas and paperwork

  • Immunisations

  • Arse wiping and hand holding 

What Will All the Other Things Cost Me?

This is a question we’ve been asked gazillions of times, and for which there is no simple answer. It all depends on your tastes, where you’re from and how many times you break down. But here’s a very rough idea, in costs per person.

Your rusty chariot

Need we say it again - the shitter the better. If you’re spending more than a few hundred quid on your car then something’s wrong.

Getting your vehicle home from Ulan Ude

No Rally cars can be left or scrapped in Ulan Ude - you must either drive your car home, or we can join the bulk shipping we co-ordinate for it to be put on a train back to Eastern Europe. Once there you can choose whether to scrap it or collect it and take it home. Costs for this will vary slightly from year to year but we're hoping to get it down to around £1000.

dead wheel.png

Refundable Deposit: In 2018 this is £1200 per team

We would prefer not take this but every now and again some naughty Rallier dumps their vehicle in a sewage drain or at a random border post and we have to smooth things over. If you’re not one of these troublesome folks then you’ll get all your dosh back after the Rally. 

Tipple and Tiffin: £150 to £500+

Again, this is entirely down to your tastes, and whether you like side orders of botulism with your plov.

Visas: £100 - £900+

The more adventurous you are, the more visas you’ll need. Russia, the Stans, Iran and China all require visas and there ain’t no wriggling out of it. We recommend you take advantage of the discount for The Visa Machine to save you some pennies as well as hassle.

Fuel: £500 +

Naturally this will be more expensive if you take a longer route or you are morbidly obese. Fuel in Russia is super cheapski. Fuel in Turkey is multo ripoffski. If you’re riding a scooter it could cost you as little as £100.

A note on sponsorship and fundraising

If you’re cunning, persuasive and equipped with the determination of a charging gaur, then the Mongol Rally could cost you nothing, nada, nil, not a sausage. Yes, you read right: it is possible to get the whole fandango paid for through sponsorship. It is hard work though.

Getting yourself home from Ulan Ude


If you book in advance you can get a flight from Ulan Ude to London for £250. The Trans-Siberian will be about the same price, but take rather longer. Or you can drive home. It’s possible to drive home in a week for around £250 per person, including food, fuel and accommodation. If you want to save pennies then stowing away in the landing gear is usually free, but can result in arrest or death.

Charity Money: £1000

This doesn't come out of your own pocket, it comes from donations. But it is something to consider. Get help setting up a fundraising page here.

Accommodation: £50 - £1000+

This entirely depends on whether you love the feeling of waking up sweating in a nylon nightmare each morning, or are more accustomed to butlers and silver trays.

Travel insurance: £100ish

It’s worth not trying to save too much money here – you will feel like a massive bell-end if the shit hits the fan and the only response you can get from your insurance provider is some stifled laughter before they hang up on you.

Immunisations: £100ish

You’ll need to get jabbed up before doing the Rally. Have a look online or ask a professional what you need - we don't want to start telling you what or what not to let a doctor to stick inside you.

Spares and repairs: £200+

The joy of crap old cars is that they are generally cheap and easy to fix. However, if you blow a gasket in the Turkmen desert it might be a little more pricey.

Gear: £0 - £1000 +

If you’re one of those people who starts salivating at the thought of multi-tools, GoPros and thorium sump guards then the Rally could prove expensive. But there’s really no need for all this extra jiggery pokery and it’s more than possible to do it with a tent you found in a skip and a few spanners. In our view, less is most definitely more.