2019 is open for registration...

Launch: Czech Republic

Finish: Ulan-Ude

Launch Party: 21st July 2019

Launch Day: 22nd July 2019

Romania Party: 25th July 2019

Finish Line Opens: 14th August 2019

Finish Line Closes: 16th September 2019 

  • £695 per car

  • £325 per motorbike

** If you were hoping to grab an earlybird price, we’re afraid you’re too slow and they’re all gone. Sorry about that **

2019 sign up will be open until the Rally is sold out HOWEVER the first visa deadline (Turkmenistan) is April 1st.

Because everyone deserves to do something truly stupid once in their lives.
— Kurtis Beacroft - 2009
Don’t do the Mongol Rally, you will get addicted to adventures and freedom, bad things will turn in good things and you will find out what really matters... And after the wonderful toilets on the way, no showers and sleep in tents or in the car, you will be back at work and nothing will make sense again, and you will look for the next adventure and ask your self what is going to be next, how long will it be to drive again on those insane roads?
— Fabio Diez - 2013
Because getting lost & losing your map in a crappy little car & clattering potholes twice the size of Yorkshire & deeper than Lake Baikal & Southern Fried Chicken sarnies & guessing how much petrol you need in advance & trying to pay for it using the only 2 words of Russian you know (the other one being Vodka) & being chased by a busload of Randy Russians in Makat & being mauled by a drunken Mongolian Alsatian at 2am at the border & fizzy horse milk & corrugations & awesome people & boatload of TOP parties & Chinggis Gold & getting lost & losing your map in a crappy little car SURE beats working.
— Johnny Parsons - 2012, 2013
The Mongol Rally? Quite simply you’d be a fool not to.
— Laura Over - 2010
Once you’ve done the Mongol Rally you stop waiting for life to come to you and you start running head long at it.
— Neal Parsons - 2011
Doing the Mongol Rally will make you realise what the important things in life actually are.
— Shane Van Breda - 2012
To know where you are going is a luxury, not a requirement.
— Team Who's smart idea was this? - 2013
Would you ever consider participating in the Mongol Rally? Because you should. You really, really should…
— Brit Robinson - 2013