Do you think you have what it takes to tackle the Derby? Marvellous. We've launched a new website at so head over there and hit 'Join the Race' or seeing as you're already here, use the form below to apply: 

To protect the splendid horses of the Derby we need to make sure riders are experienced in the saddle and under 85kg clothed to ride. We interview everyone before signup and weigh and check their riding at pre-race training.

I did get bucked off and lost my horse, my saddle, my bridle, my kit and my sleeping bag two days ago and I haven’t had any kit since then. I’m a bit of a mess but I’m over the moon! We pushed so hard to get to this point and I’m proud of myself. It’s just amazing, I’m really happy. There’s been so many highs, they outweigh all the low points.
— Claire Twemlow - 2013
The second high point is the horses. There’s been a few less enthusiastic ones but the vast majority, they just go for 40km. They are phenomenal animals and the Mongolian hospitality has been phenomenal too – I’ve really enjoyed it.
— Claire Twemlow - 2013
I would recommend it to a select few people. Definitely the highlight of my life so far. I think it deserves the title of the world’s toughest horse race. I came in knowing it was going to be tough and it was so much tougher than I thought it was going to be.
— Chloe Phillips-Harris - 2013
[The Mongol Derby is] hell and amazing all at once. That’s what I said at the beginning it was going to be and that’s exactly what it is.
— Chloe Phillips-Harris - 2013
I’m terrified of going back, getting on a horse, and getting caught alone in a thunderstorm and bucked off, or suffering from any number of other misfortunes that plague Derbyists. But when I really think about it, deep down, of all the good and the bad, all the misery and all the glory... and then I think about not going back... the sense of loss is always greater than the terror.
— Adam Perlmam - 2013/14
I didn’t come off, I did ride one ‘bolty’ horse when I was sick and it bolted in the wrong direction for a few kilometres and then I got chased by a pack of dogs and I ended up jumping over two of the dogs. They got in front of us and the horse just leapt over them and I thought I was going to die at that point.
— Chloe Phillip-Harris - 2013
Really, it’s a compliment to you and the team that such a good job was done putting together this wonderful, crazy race. I don’t need the Adventurists to go to Mongolia and ride a horse, but I did need the Adventurists to provide the idea in the first place, and then see to it that the execution was professional.
— Adam Perlman - 2013
I’d definitely say it was the world’s toughest horse race, and about ten times tougher than it sounds, definitely the biggest adventure on the planet!
— Chloe Phillips-Harris - 2013