Legal Gubbins

Although this seems like a really boring formality, these things are really important to consider, as, if you don’t, your footage might end up unusable.


You have to get people’s permission if you are filming them specifically. You could do this by getting them to state they give their permission on camera, although written permission, or a release form is better if possible. Generally if you are in a public place and not interviewing anyone or filming them specifically, you do not need permission. But, of course, if someone doesn’t want to be in your shot, be sensitive to this. You can also avoid needing consent by filming people in a way that they can’t be identified, for example, from behind.

Children are often very keen to be filmed or photographed, but you must be careful about this. If the child’s parents are around, seek permission off them first, if not, don’t film them.

Appearance Release Form



If you are on private property it is important to seek permission before filming. Also, there might be some places where filming would be insensitive or might be prohibited. Do not film in or around Government or military buildings. Also be aware of filming in or around religious buildings, it’s very easy to upset people in this sort of place so it’s important to know what the filming etiquette is.

Location Release Form



Music holds a lot of copyright issues and is something all filmmakers have to be very careful about. When you film anything in which the audio is important, turn your music off. Even quiet music in the background renders the audio of a shot unusable. Even having someone singing a song that is under copyright can’t be included.

If you wish to film some live music, get written permission from the artist/  copyright owner.

Music Release Form


Product Logos

Yep, you guessed it. Even product logos need their release form. While this isn't the easiest thing to get hold of, if you can get a release for logos that appear on your footage it makes the footage much more likely to be used.

Product Release Form


Footage Rights

We love for you to share your adventure footage with the world but if you want to do anything more ambitious with your footage you need to speak to us. The TV shows we're making have an exclusive contract for our adventures, so this means you'd need to chat with us if you are thinking of making your own show.

You also need to talk to us if you're planning on selling/ giving away your footage to sponsors, it's likely we'll be happy for you to do this but if you're intending to sell your footage to a major corporation, they need to talk to us first.


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