2020 Kraken Cup open now

Register your spot on the world’s greatest sailing race.

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Paying by instalments

If you choose to pay by instalments then you'll be charged for the first bit immediately. The next payment will come out of your bank automatically around 28 days later. Following payments will come out on the same day each month until the full amount is paid.

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You need to prove you have enough sailing experience - or enough time and the commitment to train yourself up - to take on this beast. 

This is why, once you've signed up, one of our Kraken Cup gurus will be in touch to check your credentials. If we don't think you're up for it at this stage, your place will be cancelled and entry fee refunded.

You don't all need to be Olympic standard but this race should not be under-estimated. If none of your team have sailed before you'll need time to do some proper training. Be honest about your experience level when you chat to us and we'll point you towards the training you'll need, if any. Give us a call if you have any questions.

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When you’ve made it through the stupidity you get to a special place”
— - Brock Salier, 5 Somewhere
The Ngalawas are like nothing I’ve ever sailed”
— Marcus Deglos, All At Sea