The Institute of Adventure Research

Our world is increasingly full of a strange breed of human that slither about putting up signs that warn of wet surfaces, low door frames and most deadly of all, steps. Heaven forbid if you might want to do something really stupid like climb a ladder without a certificate.

Well that’s what The Adventurists are here to resolve. We don’t want to live in an ultra-safe, clean-cut, pre-planned world. A world where adventure means a guided trek through the Himalayas with a cook, an arse wiper and a trusty local to carry all the bags you don’t need. So we set out to try and create stupid and dangerous things for you to do that will solve your 21st century angst. Little sticks of chaos to shove under your ergonomically designed office chair.

To make sure we’re always at the very blunt cutting edge of stupidity the Institute of Adventure Research works tirelessly to hunt down the next big adventuring disaster to risk life and limb on. But since Tom has a tendency to come up with plans that are on the wrong side of stupid we have started insisting they try them out on themselves first. That way we spend less time in court.


What's the next adventure

We shan't release such information even under pain of torture, for the workings of the Institute of are secretive and peculiar. We will be trickling out nuggets into the wider world as the time for a test run draws near so keep your eyeballs on The Jibber and mailing list to find out more.

So it works like this... 

Step 1: The members of the Institute go out and whip up a sort of adventuring mess and inflict it upon themselves. If they come out the other end thinking this was in fact a very splendid thing to do and is something the world needs, the adventure progresses onto...

Step 2: The Pioneers Adventure. At this point we send out invites to some of the fine folk we have spotted enjoying our other adventures requesting their help to pioneer the full blow edition. If the pioneers come out the other end of that with a good percentage of limbs it moves on to..

Step 3: Where it gets offered to you, the people to help in your own fight to make the world less boring.

We’ll be putting updates into our blog The Jibber about what we've been concocting and what you will soon be up to your armpits in.


Adventure #11 - coming soon...

What: Something really stupid |  Result: Unknown - probably failure.  |  Status: testing


Adventure #10 - The Monkey Run

What: Tiny motorbikes and huge landscapes |  Result: Success.  |  Status: Open to you

Adventure #8 - The Icarus Trophy

What: World's longest paramotor race  |  Result: Success.  |  Status: Open to you

Adventure #14 - The Moon

What: Get to the Moon  |  Result: T.B.C.  |  Status: Research Continues

Adventure #7 - Reindeer Race

What: Reindeer, frozen wastelands  |  Result: Not Enough Reindeer  |  Status: Research Continues

Adventure #6 - The Ice Run

What: Ice, Bikes & Siberia  |  Result: Success  |  Status: The Ice Run