Not only is the Ice Run an industrial dose of adventure, it’s also about Saving the World. We ask every team to raise a minimum of £1000 for charity, at least £500 of which goes to our official charity Cool Earth

Adventurists teams have raised millions for charity and by supporting Cool Earth, you'll be saving the world one rainforest at a time. What's more, raise £1000 for Cool Earth, and you could win a trip to Peru to see their amazing work first hand.

Where would we get lost if we didn't have jungles?

Once you’ve signed up to the Ice Run we will give you more information about Cool Earth, as well as a stash of tips on how to extract donations from friends, family and strangers.

The Plan - how to actually save the world

We’ve been banging on about saving the world for ages and we’ve raised stupendous amounts of money for a load of amazing charities. So we sat down at HQ and pondered on what we could do that will actually save the world and continue the fight to make it less boring.

Then it hit us like a well polished brogue to the nuts: “we must save every rainforest in the world so future generations have somewhere to get stuck”. Not because we’re tree hugging sandal weavers, but because the world would be shit without them. It’s not just about the carbon, the point is rainforests are indescribably excellent, and Cool Earth are doing a fantastic job of making sure the next generation will get to see them.

You can find a stack of resources for Cool Earth and a fundraising pack here or give 'em a shout with any questions or to say hello at: They're keen to hear from you.

Who are they?

Cool Earth is an environmental charity that works in partnership with indigenous communities.

The charity only protects rainforest that without intervention will be destroyed within the next 18 months.

Peru pictures April 2011 090.jpg

Cool Earth works strategically, protecting forest that acts as a barrier to a wider landscape. Their projects grow by word of mouth and by forming a shield, they are able to protect large areas from deforestation.

Through working with local people Cool Earth makes sure conservation goes hand in hand with better livelihoods. 

The partner villages get to decide what they need, from new classrooms to midwife training to mosquito nets. They put the local people back in control.

What the blazes does Cool Earth have to do with Siberia?

It's not about just Siberia, our entire planet is affected by climate change and hits the poorest the hardest. Unprecedented heat waves, cyclones and floods are already displacing thousands of families across the world. Without action the situation will only get worse. If lake Baikal itself were to not freeze due to climate change, then the Ice Run would be a far soggier, and much less exciting prospect.

Thankfully we’ve got you to help. By saving rainforest with Cool Earth you’ll be stopping whopping amounts of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere and warming our climate.

There’s a huge amount of good stuff packed into an acre of rainforest so we’ll keep you updated on every acre you save.

Cool Earth knows fundraising is the hard part and rich uncles with deep pockets are few and far between. So take a look at the resources on their site and please get in touch with any questions at

How do I collect funds?

The best way to collect funds is through setting up a fundraising page using Cool Earth's own dedicated platform. You can also use one of the big ones like Virgin Money Giving or JustGiving, though the Cool Earth one gives more bang for your buck.


Why stop at £500?

Cool Earth run an annual competition: Adventurist teams who raise more that £1000 for Cool Earth have a chance to get picked for a visit to one of their projects and see first hand where their cash has gone. This is only open to Adventurist fundraisers - find out more here

What's in one acre of rainforest?

The same amount of CO2 as driving around the world 32 times.

The same amount of water as 950 baths.

11,000 species of insects and worms.

6 endangered animals.

44 trees.

199 saplings.

Possibly a family living in a settlement and working with Cool Earth to keep this acre standing.

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