The Entry Fee

The entry fee is £3795 per team. Teams are two people, so that's £1897.50 each. 

What do I get for my Money?

The Adventure

The chance to undertake a monster of an adventure, something so tough that many mere mortals would run a mile from. You walk away with stories to amaze your friends for years to come and friendships spawned from shared endurance; the sort that last longer than frostbite.


The Ural

A modified tundra-ready Ural sidecar-motorcycle and all the paperwork necessary for you to drive it across Siberia. A bunch of spares and tools, a jerry can and a set of studded tyres for riding the lake.

Test Driving

Three days of rolling training & mechanical briefing on the lake, so you know the basics of how to ride and fix a Ural motorcycle in -30c, how to camp in the cold and how to pull someone out of the ice. Nightly Q&A sessions where you can get advice from our team on the ground.

Support Vehicle

A 4x4 emergency support vehicle - not to show you the way or to give you encouragement when you're shit scared, but for genuine emergencies. At close proximity during training then at predetermined check-points for the remainder of the Run.

Launch & Finish

Start and finish festivities, the opportunity to prepare with your fellow Ice Runners before the run and celebrate after; soul-warming bookends to an icy adventure.

The Knowledge

Advice from the pioneers of Adventurist Towers and cold weather experts, providing information such as what cold weather kit to take, recommended mechanical knowledge and sub zero survival tips.

The Tech

An emergency tracking & communication device in case it all goes to shit. A blogging system & map where you can shout about where you are and what you are doing.  Our mapping file for your GPS so that you can find fuel, food and dry land again once on the lake ice.

Please note - you will need to bring your own GPS with a USB port so that we can load the mapping data i.e. the fuel drops, shelters and other features.


What else will this monster cost me?

Flights - about £600

This depends where you're flying from, when you book and what sort of tickets you get, but £500 should get you a flight from the UK to Irkutsk. You might need to book an extra bag for your cold weather gear, about £50. You can get the train from Moscow for about £120

Insurance - £50 to £100

This is never going to be a good place to pinch pennies. Make sure your insurer knows exactly what you are doing and where. An adventure or expedition insurer is a good idea.

Visa - £180 

This depends what nationality you are. The Visa Machine will take the hassle for you for this price. You can save a few quid by getting your own visa, though it's a lot more work.

Vehicle Deposit - £1000

We take a deposit to make sure we get our beloved Urals back in a similar condition to what we gave it to you in. We expect the usual wear and tear we just don't want big bits missing, snapped, or at the bottom of the lake.

Charity Money - £1000

This doesn't come out of your own pocket, it comes from donations. But it is something to consider. Get help setting up a fundraising page here.

Food & Board in Irkutsk - about £200

We'll block book a local hostel which will be about £15 ppn for a dorm or £30 for a private room. About £100 for food and another £100 for accommodation.

Life on the road - about £150

You should budget about £12 per day on food and expect to camp pretty much every night.

Cold Weather Gear - £500 - £2500

The sky is the limit here; you need very high quality gear to camp comfortably in -30c. If you don't care about being comfortable, or retaining your fingers, you can save lots of money. We wouldn't recommend it though.

Spares & Repairs - £0 to £100

We've put a lot of effort in getting the Urals up to a standard where they wont break down that much. We'll also be providing a bunch of spares for all the things that might go wrong. But there's no pretending that these are reliable beasts, so expect to have a few repairs on route. 

Fuel - about £200

Fuel is about £0.10 per km and about £12 for a tank of fuel. A Ural should do 200 km on a tank so you should expect to pay about £200 on fuel. This depends a bit on your beast and how you drive her of course.

The Dates

We like the Ice Run to be tough, but we don't want our beloved Urals to fall through the Ice into a watery grave. For this reason we hold the Run in the depths of winter where there is minimal chance of the ice cracking. You should wrap up. 


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** Dates for the 2020 Ice Run will be coming soon **


It'll likely be in March, when the ice is thick enough. Get your name in the box below to be the first to hear when the event is open.