You must be one of our very fine Icarus Trophy pilots. Well done you.

This is going to be one almighty adventure and hopefully you've pissed yourself with excitement as much as we have.

This is the first time a paramotor race has ever been tried on this scale or format. This really is a pioneering adventure so we want to hear from all of you how we can make it tougher, more exciting or just plain better. Tell us at every stage if there is something we could do differently next time.

This website will be updated as we further clarify plans in the coming days and weeks.

Weather Reports

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Race Schedule
The Rules
Tracking System
Shipping Your Machine
Other Handy Info

Who is putting this on?

We figure it's handy for you to know who's behind the scenes on this race, both so you can recognise them and see it's not made up.

The Adventurists

We're the folk behind all sorts of adventuring chaos. From the Rickshaw Run to the world's longest horse race - the Mongol Derby. You probably know this since you are looking at our website. If not have gander about at our other ways to fill your time.


The Race Crew

Shane Denherder

Alex Ledger

Kester Haynes

Duncan Milligan

Dan Wedgwood

Tom Morgan