The Rules

To make this a race we of course need some rules. Since this is the first time a race like this has ever been staged we are sure we will need to improve the rules as time goes by to make it more competitive. So if you have any feedback do let us know. If we make any tweaks or changes in the short term we'll notify you. 

The spirit of the rules is that this is first and foremost an adventure. The race element is important but we don't want to see people trying to win at all costs. If you see a fellow pilot in need of help in a situation where safety might be compromised you should prioritise them above your race rank - we reserve the right to add time penalties for any ungentlemanly behaviour we discover.

The rules document is downloadable from the link below. It subject to change at any point as we will be constantly monitoring them to ensure we have a fair and exciting adventure.

This is Version 2, updated on 17th September 2015 to include details of the Adventure Class: