Tracking you

Both for the entertainment of the wider universe all glued to their screens ogling the race updates and for us to track and manage the race you will need to have and maintain a race tracker.

For Safety

We will be supplying you with a Delorme InReach tracker. This will need to be set to track every 10 minutes and will need to be kept charged during the race.

Delorme estimates that the trackers will run for around 80hrs at a 10-minute tracking interval. So you will either need to plan for a stop with some electricity, charge from your paramotor, use the sun, or invent a new type of electricity generator.

Our race HQ will be checking the trackers at all times and will be using them to position the spares truck, watch for rules infringements, course deviations, unsafe behavior, suspected incidents, SOS messages, etc.

They are also a 2 way satellite messaging device, so we will use them to issue warnings, weather briefings, race holds, or other pertinent information. This in no way nullifies your duty as a solo pilot to keep yourself legal and safe!

You will also be required to send "flight following" messages anytime you intend to takeoff and after you land. e.g. "setting off now" and "down safe." 

We will give you training in using the trackers on the start line and you will have a chance to play with them so you are familiar with their operation before you set forth into the unknown.

For the world watching

Your trackers will pipe your location to our tracking system. This will go live a day or so before the race and allow the public to see how you are getting on in the race. You can also post updates, photographs and video into the same system.