Rickshaw Run Himalaya - Signup

This is the limit to what a rickshaw can do. Or maybe, slightly beyond what a rickshaw can do. 

If you've got 2019 in your sight, now is a good time to remind you that you have to be a 'normal' Rickshaw Run veteran or have other gnarly adventures under your belt to participate in the Rickshaw Run Himalaya.

Leh - Shimla

Friday 21st June - Party

Saturday 22nd June - Test Driving & Briefing / Q&A

Sunday 23rd June - Launch

Saturday 29th June - Finish party

Shimla - Leh

Friday 6th September - Party

Saturday 7th September - Test Driving & Briefing / Q&A

Sunday 8th September - Launch

Saturday 14th September - Finish party

Entry Fee


Because this adventure teeters on the very precipice of what is possible with a 3 wheeled auto rickshaw, we need to check you're up for the task. You can do so by filling in this application form below.