We here at The Adventurists created the Mongol Derby a staggering 10 years ago. Not content with running the world's longest and toughest horse race for so long, we thought we should take our equine expertise across the pond. Behold, the Gaucho Derby.

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The Institute of Adventure Research shouted 'Gaucho Derby' at us quite loudly, then disappeared into their cave of intention. This can mean only one thing. Soon, they'll reemerge glorious, sweating and full of ideas that we'll then craft into an adventure that will redefine horse racing. Yet again. 

It's going to be a long-distance, endurance event on horseback, in one of the most eyeball-meltingly brilliant spots on this planet.


Mr Tom initially wanted to do it in the North Pole, but we reminded him it was a bit chilly, had no horses and didn't really go with the name. So Patagonia it is. The Institute is investigating racecourse options in the mountains, deserts, pampas and grasslands of the southern section of the Andes.


Plans are being crafted as we speak, with a Institute of Adventure Research-led pioneers edition penned for early 2019 and the first full edition targeted at October 2019.

I'm sold.

Great. That's a wise life decision right there. Slap your email in the box below and we'll add you to the mailing list - giving you all the details of how the preparation is going, plus you'll get first dibs on sign up when it comes.

Er...hang on a minute...

Yes? Have something to say? Do you think this idea is mind-numbingly brilliant, or does it make you scratch your head with concern? Maybe you live down that part of the world and can help out, or want to volunteer? Perhaps you just want to tell us that we're brilliant, or that we're all idiots? Either way, as this is an entirely new creation we'd love any constructive feedback.

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