The Plan

This year we're filming all of our adventures. We've teamed up with a massive production company that specialise in adventure films and together we're making a global multi-network programme about each adventure.

What we want to capture is the story of the adventure, it's not some slick travel video, nor is it a compilation of explosions and crashes  set to music. We still want the attractive landscapes and dramatic action, but within the context of the story. We think the story of the adventure is best told around the people doing the adventure. IE you.

You teams of fine adventurists are to act as both film-makers and stars of the show. What we're going to make is a self-shot film telling the story of each adventure. We'll supplement your footage with some stuff by our professional cameramen, but we think you guys are best placed to tell the story of your adventure.

The basic plan is to focus on half a dozen teams/riders for each adventure, with one or two taking centre stage. Around these main stories we want filming from everyone else as well though, we want as much supporting footage as possible to show the scale of the adventure and to tell the back-story.


Who we want in the film

We want as many people as possible to be a part of the project, but if you want to be one of the featured teams, this is what we're after:

  • People who don't mind filming and being filmed - This is the most important, we want people who want to film their entire adventure, even when their tired or when the going is tough (especially when the going is tough, these are usually the most interesting bits). This means not just sticking the camera out of the window while you're going along, but actually stopping to capture the footage that tells the story.
  • People who viewers will find interesting - The audience don't have to be in awe of who they are watching, they don't even have to like who they're watching, but they do have to care. There's a reason Carl Pilkington has five times more youtube subscribers than Bear Grylls, because people relate to him better. We've got more information in the storytelling page which will help with this.
  • People who have some experience of cameras and filming - It's not essential that you've filmed anything similar or have film-making qualifications, but it does help if you have your own kit (or access to it) and get some practice with it before the adventure. The more you get to grips with before the adventure, the easier it is when things get interesting.

If you're not up for being a featured team, but still want to be a part then we definitely want you involved. Even if you shoot just one aspect of your adventure; one break-d0wn, one argument, one discovery, that could be enough to get in the film. In this section of the website you'll find the information you need to get your footage looking and sounding great and how to tell the story of what happens to you.

How to get involved

So we can be sure to get the right people in the film, we need to know a bit more about you and see what you look like on camera. If you can answer the questions on the form below and send us a clip introducing yourself we'll get back to you when we begin casting. If you check the other pages in this section of the website, you can find some info to help you film your introduction.