Mongol Derby Delivery Run 2018

Congratulations your application to take part in the Mongol Derby Delivery Run 2018 has got the green light. This secret sign up page allows you to pay the entry fee, agree the terms and conditions and get yourself officially signed up. 

Here's a reminder of the schedule: 

5th August 2018 - Day 1: 
Fly into Ulaanbaatar (flights not provided). Airport transfer to the hotel. Afternoon city tour followed by evening concert. Group dinner.  Overnight at the Holiday Inn hotel. Twin rooms unless otherwise specified.

6th August 2018 - Day 2: 
Drive to the beautiful Terelj National Park. Around two hours drive from UB. Once you are at the park you can explore the area after lunch. Later in the evening meet your Mongolian crew members and have a group dinner. 

7th August 2018 -  Day 3: 
The ride begins. You’ll cover approximately 35-40 kms each day, riding and herding as a team and helping to take care of the horses in the evenings to make sure they arrive for the Derby service fit, strong and healthy.

8th - 13th August 2018 - Days 4-9:
You will be riding mountain/forest/valley areas. On the evening of the 13th you will arrive at the last horse station of the Mongol Derby 2018. Handover of horses to your wranglers so they can take them to the race crew. 

14th August 2018 - Day 10: 
In the morning you can see the riders arrive at the last Derby horse station. Then see them on your horses as they sprint away to the finish line. Afterwards, travel to the Mongol Derby 2018 finish line in the afternoon and see the Mongol Derby winners cross the finish line. Followed by party, dance and bonfire. 

15th August 2018 - Day 11: 
After breakfast you will travel back to the city and along the way you will see the Chinggis Khaan statue. You will then check back into the hotel followed by a group dinner. 

16th September 2018 - Day 12: 
Transfer to airport for your journey home.

*The Mongol Derby Delivery Run is sold and coordinated by The Adventurists and operated by our Mongolian horse-trekking partner. 

The Details

Dates: 5th - 16th August
Price: £2,700 per rider
Duration: 11 nights / 12 days
Riding days: 7
Group size: 10 riders max
Riding skill: Experienced