Win a Rainforest Adventure in Peru with Cool Earth

Our chums at Cool Earth are doing some blummin' amazing things in the Amazon rainforest. They're really keen for Adventurists fundraisers to come and see first-hand the great work they're doing there too. Unfortunately they can't have all of you along, but they're doing the next best thing. 

In September 2016 they're drawing up a list of teams who have raised £1000 or more for Cool Earth. From this list they'll select at random a team to fly to Peru to visit the Ashaninka people and see how they're saving the rainforest.

This money-can't-buy prize is totally unique, there are no roads to this part of the jungle and uninvited visitors aren't welcome. You literally can't get here any other way.

Competition Rules in Brief

Funds must reach Cool Earth by Tuesday 6th September

Only fundraising towards Cool Earth is considered

There is no alternative prize and if the winner cant make the dates the prize goes to someone else

Cool Earth's word is final. Also attempts to win the competition by bribery will go ignored

Full competition terms & conditions

Eligible Adventures

2015 Icarus Trophy
January 16 Rickshaw Run
January 16 Adventure 9
April 16 Rickshaw Run
2016 Ice Run
July 16 Adventure 9
2016 Mongol Rally
2016 Mongol Derby
August 2016 Rickshaw Run

The 2015 winners, Team Nomad with Mr Dan on their trip to visit the Ashaninka

The 2015 Draw was won by Team Nomad who headed over to Peru in May 2016. Here was the prize-draw that saw them clinch victory.

The Prize Draw

The wonderful chaps at Cool Earth each year devise a totally arbitrary and ridiculous method of selecting the lucky winning team. To choose the 2015 winners they relied on the lightening quick method of snailrace. You can see the video replay here. Blink and you will quite possibly miss it.

The 2013/14 Cool Earth Leaderboard - Won by September '13 Rickshaw Runners; Eat, Pray Drive

The top ten Cool Earth fundraisers of 2013/14 were put into a draw to choose a winner. The gods of the draw chose Team Eat, Pray, Drive from the September '13 Rickshaw Run, and adventurers Danni & Terry were spirited away to the Amazon Jungle. 

Ably accompanied by Mr Joolz from Adventurist HQ and Kitty of Cool Earth, they were borne by plane, car and finally boat to the impenetrable depths of the rainforest in the heart of Junin province.

The team of hapless explorers hiked through the cloud-forest, meeting the locals and learning about their conflict with illegal loggers. Much spit beer was consumed, insect repellant applied and ten days later they emerged from the forest sweaty and invigorated.

This is the video of their trip.