The Adventurists Annual Convention

After two rip roaring shindigs in London the Annual Conference has crossed the pond.
The American division of the fight to make the world less boring now has it's own annual gathering of elite adventuring idiots.  

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When & Where

Friday 2nd March 19:30 - Adventure Film Screening

The world premiere, that's right, WORLD premiere of our very own Mr Tom's clusterballoon flight over Africa. We're also screening the full episodes of the trailer above. This on-screen chaos will be showing at The Davis Theatre. 

The film we have no name for yet but will do soon, is coming to Chicago and we want you there. The best thing is that this is totally free. Reserve your tickets and claim yourself a place in history (we may be overstating it's importance a little).


Saturday 3rd March 18:00 - The Convention

The first ever official annual gathering of Adventurists in the US of A.
$125 - tickets includes sit down dinner with wine, Gin reception, 3 free drinks at the bar, new adventure announcement and an exclusive chance to grab a place on it before anyone else.

What is this? 

Watch this video to find out why you need the Convention in your life. On Friday there'll be cinematic chaos in the form of Adventurists films being screened for the first time ever. And drinking. 

The Saturday is the masterpiece. You shall be treated like the royalty you are. There'll be a proper sit down dinner, initiations into the Hall of Adventuring Legend, a generous gin reception and some more brand new videos. You'll be updated with the very latest news on the fight to make the world less boring. The crescendo of the night shall be the big reveal of the latest new adventure and you'll get a chance to sign up before anyone else.

Black tie is absolutely necessary. We wouldn't want you dribbling your gin on anything less than the finest cummerbund or sequins.  


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Friday 2nd - Adventure Film Screening

An exclusive private screening of Adventurists films open to all - especially if you haven't prevously experienced an adventure that made you want to cry then do it again. If you've already done a big adventure with us you'll definitely want to see these films. So that's essentially everyone. If you're human you should come along.

We accept no responsibility for any sudden major life decisions or divorces that result from watching these films. Unless you're really happy about the decisions and being divorced, in which case you're most welcome. 

18:00 - Pre-screening drinks in the Carbon Arc bar at the Davis Theatre

19:30 - The screening of never-before-seen adventuring chaos begins

20:30 - Intermission 

20:45 - The screening continues

22:00 - Drinks in Carbon Arc bar 

23.30 - Enthusiastic revellers move on to the late night venue

Cash bar in Carbon Arc available to all. Veterans of an Adventurists adventure get a beer on us. 


The Davis Theatre

4614 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

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Saturday 3rd -The Convention

The first ever Convention will be hosted by the impressive Stan Mansion, built in 1921 to house a chapter of the Knights Templar. What the convention lacks in knight-like chivalry and weird masonic handshakes will be more than made up for with Gin and tales of old school adventure. 

18:00 - Gin reception in the mansion exhibition room

19:30 - Official welcome to the Convention

19:45 - Dinner is served in the ballroom

20:30 - The Convention: Adventure announcements, awards & more...

22:00 - Drinking, music and revelry 

01:00 - Carriages for some, onwards to the late night drinking venue for most


Strictly black tie or Adventurists fancy dress. Right of entry will be denied for anyone who doesn't acknowledge the importance of the occasion with the appropriate attire. If we hear the word 'sneakers' in any defence of said attire when questioned you will be permanently excommunicated and quite possibly physically abused in the street.  


For 125 of your American dollars you get this stuff with your ticket: 

  • The Convention at the excellent Stan Mansion - the first one ever. Watch this video to find out more
  • Gin reception 
  • Three course dinner provided by a company with hundreds of 5 star reviews
  • Wine with dinner
  • Three free drinks at the bar 
  • Exclusive delegate-only chance to sign up to a new adventure before anyone else
  • Revelry, music & the fellowship of kindred idiots and fools with a truly heartening disregard for the bullshit pedalled by the mainstream travel industry

*Anyone that says, or even thinks, that we won't keep to the event timings like a well oiled military machine will be forced to go on an all-inclusive beach holiday as punishment.


For all you awkward buggers who we're not allowed to single out and ridicule because of ethics and laws an' all that stuff, you'll need to let us know the level of your awkwardness by Friday 16th February so we can look after you. 

For everyone else, here's the menu for dinner: 

Appetisers served during the Gin Reception:

  • Round Steak Brioche with spinach & potato butter foam
  • Spinach & Cheese Empanadas
  • Tomato, Basil & Coriander Bruschetta

Main course options: 

  • Stuffed Poblano Pepper
  • Duo plate of Herb Butter Steak & Greek Chicken 

Served with: 

  • Roasted Baby Potatoes
  • String Green Beans & Carrots


  • Decadent devil's food cake with butter-cream frosting


Stan Mansion

2408 N Kedzie Blvd, Chicago, IL 60647


No tickets available on the door

Really you get to meet idiots who want to go round the world with you.
— Hans Sprecher, Multiple Adventure Veteran
It’s a strange community of lunatics, it’s quite nice really, it’s like coming home.
— Mr. Tom, founder of The Adventurists
It’s a little bit of what heaven is going to be like.
— Mr. Buddy, Institute of Adventure Research
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Looking for the main Conference in the UK? Look HERE.